Sep 26

Incompetent FBI Totally Failed To Stop The Rise Of Darknet Markets

In an attempt to wipe drug marketplaces off the deep web the FBI seized the silk road servers and took them offline, if this had been a successful method then all it would have done is force drug dealing back into the real world leading to an increase in drug related deaths and violence. It is almost as though victimless crime such as online drug dealing aren’t what they desire, they prefer real life violence to keep the masses fully supportive of them and to make sure there isn’t any drops in funding from the federal government.

However the exact opposite happened, the FBI completely failed to deal with the rise of the other identical darknet markets. American organizations love to just steam into a plan without every thinking ‘what are we going to do afterwards to ensure this doesn’t happen again’, just look at the invasion of Iraq and you will realise cutting the head of the snake does not work when 3 new heads grow in its place. After taking down Silk Road they should have put considerable effort into making sure no marketplace steps up to take their place.

What the FBI didn’t realize was that Silk Road was not very popular, of course there was a lot of drugs being sold but when its happening in a safe controlled environment then why would you want to shut that down. It is almost as if they didn’t expect anyone to have the guts to become the new market leader, however when there is that much money to be made someone will always be willing to step up. This miscalculation cost the FBI dearly as they basically just told everyone about these secret websites where you can easily buy drugs that are discretely delivered to your front door.

At the time Silk Road was seized in October 2013, it had 13,000 drug listings, followed by Black Market Reloaded pushing 3,567 drug listings and Sheep Marketplace with close to 1,500, according to figures from the Digital Citizens Alliance. This is not a huge number of listings and the increase after the FBI gave all the darknets free advertising was substantial.Now the market leader AlphaBay had 21,372 drug listings when checked, Abraxas was next with 16,000 followed by Nucleus with 13,000.

Sep 23

Which Country Grows The Most Weed In The World

The UN have released their annual ‘World Drug Report’and it offers some interesting information regarding the production of cannabis around the world. Obviously as this report is carried out by the UN it does not include all nations but does encompass the vast majority of them.
Reports from member states regarding the source countries for the production of cannabis resin (hash) showed that the worlds largest producer is still Morroco. Coming in at second place is Afghanistan followed by Lebanon, India and Pakistan.

As cannabis is illegal we do obviously not have reliable data as only the people who get caught make it into statistics. Going off the amount of seizures it can be assumed that most of the worlds production of cannabis herb takes place in North America and is mainly produced in Mexico and the USA. Canada also leads the list for the biggest amount of hydroponic cannabis grown, this is understandable as their climate means that all the cannabis needs to be grown inside. The report also suggests that Albania, Colombia, Jamaica, Netherlands and Paraguay are all important source countries of the cannabis herb that is sold in the international markets.

UN weed report

In 2014, the Americas accounted for about three quarters of all the cannabis herb seized worldwide, Africa accounted for 14 per cent and Europe accounted for 6 per cent. At the subregional level, the largest amount of cannabis herb was seized in North America (accounting for 37 per cent of global seizures of cannabis herb in 2014), South America (24 per cent) and the Caribbean (13 per cent). Despite an increase in cannabis use, the quantity of cannabis herb intercepted in North America, after reaching a peak in 2010, has been declining, reflecting the fact that a decrease in cannabis production has been reported in Mexico and that cannabis interdiction may have become less of a priority in the United States since the decriminalization and legalization of recreational use of cannabis in some of the states in that country. Nonetheless, the quantity of cannabis herb seized in other parts of the world, particularly in South America, the Caribbean and Africa, is actually on the increase.

Sep 23

Politicians And Drug Dealers, The Only Two People Who Want To Keep Drugs Illegal

Its fucked up to think that the laws surrounding cannabis are causing more harm than the actual drug itself. Over the past decades public opinion about cannabis has shifted and there is now more people than ever who are supporting the legalization cause. However in the vast majority of places cannabis remains illegal, you have to think to yourself who could benefit from this? The two groups of people who stand to benefit from the illegality of cannabis are politicians and drug dealers, one of these groups are morally bankrupt scumbags while the other sells drugs.

“The United States has largely dictated international drug laws for decades, and now that it’s becoming clear that Americans will no longer stand with these failed drug policies, we see other countries moving ahead as well,” Tvert tells Quartz. “Fedotov’s statements may make it awkward for the federal government, but they won’t stop the momentum toward ending marijuana prohibition.” Worldwide drug policy has been dictated by the US government who still to this day try to promote a ‘tough stance’ on drugs abroad. Now that we know to thank USA for the flawed international drug law then we should look at why they pushed for the laws in the first place.

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act into law…

“The law has resulted in 25 years of disproportionately harsh prison sentences for defendants who are disproportionately black. It called for felony charges and mandatory minimum prison sentences for anyone caught with even a small amount of cocaine; inexplicably, it triggered the mandatory sentences for crack cocaine possession at 1/100 the amount of powder cocaine. Rather than rooting out the traffickers, it filled the country’s jails with blacks and Hispanics, who in some cases serve more time for possession than convicted murderers.”


Ethan Nadelmann, who is the founder and executive director of Drug Policy Alliance, which is a not-for-profit organization working towards ending the failed war on drugs. He had this to say about the current war on drugs which politicians are still hopelessly supporting.

“Look at the murder and mayhem in Mexico, Central America, so many other parts of the planet, the global black market estimated at 300 billion dollars a year, prisons packed in the United States and elsewhere, police and military drawn into an unwinnable war that violates basic rights, and ordinary citizens just hope they don’t get caught in the crossfire, and meanwhile, more people using more drugs than ever. It’s my country’s history with alcohol prohibition and Al Capone, times 50.”

He went on to say that “When hundreds of thousands of Chinese started showing up in my country, working hard on the railroads and the mines and then kicking back in the evening just like they had in the old country with a few puffs on that opium pipe, that’s when you saw the first drug prohibition laws in California and Nevada, driven by racist fears of Chinese transforming white women into opium-addicted sex slaves.

The first cocaine prohibition laws, similarly prompted by racist fears of black men sniffing that white powder and forgetting their proper place in Southern society. And the first marijuana prohibition laws, all about fears of Mexican migrants in the West and the Southwest.”

Its sad to see that the USA’s drug legislation, which they forced upon the whole world, was racially motivated from the start.

Is it not embarrassing for politicians when they realize that the biggest supporters of their outdated drug laws are the drug dealers themselves. When I talk about drug dealers I don’t just mean people selling a bit of weed or coke, big pharmaceutical companies also fall under this term. Parents are always worried about stories of drug dealers pushing drugs on kids outside schools however they are fine with dosing their young children up with powerful opiates because the government told them they are safe.

Big Pharma are scared of cannabis becoming legal as the idea of a plant that can be grown in your back garden and can be used to treat a host of medical issues scares them. Anything which effects the profits of big companies is always going to be treated as a threat which is why we so much lobbying from the big pharma groups when it comes to anti weed legislation.

Also when will politicians realize that you cant use the ‘save the kids’ argument any more its bullshit. Why do they pretend to care about our kids so much when they don’t even care about us. The argument that legalizing cannabis would make it easily accessible to children is bullshit, when I was under legal age it was so easy to get drugs because guess what?… dealers don’t ask for ID. For example I would be able to get weed within 10 mins of making one phone call, however after that I would have to walk from shop to shop trying to get served for tobacco but because of the age regulation it was always a lot harder than actually getting the drugs.

Please politicians wake up and see what the people actually want, your outdated drug policies are causing huge amount of pain and suffering around the whole globe, please think about someone other than yourself for once.

Signed – A pothead who doesn’t wanna go to jail for a plant.


Sep 23

How To Grow Cannabis Outside In The UK (Guerrilla Growing)

The majority of the UK population seem to believe that cannabis does not grow naturally in the wild in the United Kingdom. While it is true that you will not find it growing in abundance in the wild like you would in countries such as Albania and Indonesia. The UK may not have the optimal climate for outdoor cannabis grows however with a little bit of knowledge and a few tricks then it is definitely possible.

First of all I would recommend using autoflower strains if you are going to be planting outside as they tend to be smaller which in turn makes them a lot easier to plant discretely. They also need a lot less time before they are ready to harvest as they will automatically start flowering, they will not need a set amount of sunlight per day which is vital as sunshine is not always guaranteed in the UK. You can never say for sure when the best time to plant your crop would be as some years we have a heatwave in April while the next we will have snow which is a real crop killer. If the weather is favourable and starts getting warmer around April then you would have the potential to harvest two different autoflower crops which will make up for the lost yield from choosing the autoflowers.

Choosing autoflowers will mean that you will have to grow from seed and will not be able to buy a cutting off a friend, this is due to the fact that autoflowers start flowering after a certain period of time meaning any cutting would just automatically flower. Once you germinate your seeds you need to make sure you have already located a place to grow them, a sunny clearing is perfect as long as it is away from any prying eyes. People finding your crop is normally not a huge issue but it will be in great danger  from the local wildlife, you can protect your plants by placing some chicken wire around each plant to ensure no predators munch on them.

chicken wire cannabis

After the seedling has been transplanted to your chosen location you will have to decide how you are going to provide the plant with the nutrients it requires over its growth period. If you do not want to to risk going to your plant once a week then I would recommend using slow release organic fertilizers such as worm castings and bat guano. If you are not worried about visiting your plants then just pop down once a week and feed them some of your preferred nutrients but be careful that no one follows you.

With all of this done you can go about your summer confident that your plants will be growing and will be ready to provide you with a bountiful harvest in around 60-90 days.

Sep 22

The Best Ways To Consume Cannabis

The Best Ways To Consume Cannabis

Over the years stoners have figured out countless ways to consume cannabis, ranging from gravity bongs made from old soda bottles to smoking hash straight from a hot knife. Give a stoner some weed and he is gonna figure out a way to smoke it, however some methods of consumption are a lot healthier than others.

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use has meant that the sales of marijuana edibles continues to grow as people explore the different ways of getting high, even with this growth in edibles taken into account the vast majority of people still smoke cannabis (around 50%). The downside to this is that when cannabis combusts during the smoking process the user will inhale up to 50 known carcinogens along with the THC which is the psychoactive compound found within cannabis.

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is the tried and tested method that most stoners prefer, whether it be from a pipe, a bong or a joint. Smoking cannabis has many benefits associated with it, it can provide almost instant pain relief and it is incredibly easy to regulate your dosage. Cannabis in bud form has also been processed a lot less than stuff such as ‘shatter’ so as long as the grower didn’t put any unneeded chemicals in during the growth phase then it should be additive free. Smoking also gives you the freedom to smoke from a bong or have a joint depending on your mood which is always nice.

Its not all good though as smoke is harmful to the lungs and by burning marijuana, smokers not only lose much of the potency but risk their pulmonary health; the super-hot mixture also deposits tar and destroys cilia responsible for sweeping away the intercellular trash. It is also difficult to smoke cannabis in a situation where discretion is vital.

smoke a joint


Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has always been around but it was once only a thing that I had saw in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam where they had the volcano vaporizers. Now thanks to an improvement in the technology surrounding vapes they have reduced substantially in price and are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes ranging from big vapes that are perfect for your home to small pocket friendly vape pens. Like smoking cannabis the vape will provide instant relief while at the same time being less harsh on your lungs than smoking would be. There is also alot less smell associated with vaping cannabis making them a lot more discreet.

However they are still quite expensive and will need charging every once in awhile, if you do own one then make sure you keep it charged as you don’t want the battery to be dead when you want to get high or need pain relief.

volcano vape


Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Gone are the days of when the only edibles available were the ones that your friend who fancied himself a brownie expert would knock up once in awhile. You could almost taste the burnt weed by just looking at them, they also each contained a mystery dose of THC as no one had a clue how strong they would come out. However as legalization spreads across the USA the selection of edibles increases exponentially. You can now get ice cream, gummy bears and lollipops that will get you stoned. Edibles are perfect for anyone that is looking for long lasting pain relief and will also be useful for people who do not enjoy the process of smoking.

Thanks to an increase in knowledge surrounding edibles the dosages are now very precise and they all taste delicious…what a time to be alive. Please note that edibles may take several hours to kick in so don’t make the mistake of taking too many because you think you aren’t feeling the effects, if you make them yourself it will also be difficult to regulate the thc dose in each edible unless you have access to professional equipment. Also remember that edibles just look like treats to kids and pets so make sure to keep them in a safe place.


consumin cannabis edibles


Applying Cannabis Topicals

Medical cannabis tinctures are a great way to medicate without any of the psychoactive effects. “Salves, ointments, lotions, and sprays are great for arthritis, chapped skin, eczema, minor burns, muscle soreness, sunburns, swellings, joint pain, and tendonitis, to name just a few.” Doesn’t get you high which is a massive downside however it can provide localized pain relief.

cannabis topical


Using Cannabis Suppositories

“You insert a small cone-shaped mass of cannabis extract into the rectum, where it absorbs through the colon. This method is somewhat controversial and rather less dignified than other ways to medicate, but some patients swear by it. Put on protective gloves, lie on your side, and insert the suppository about 1.5 inches. Squeeze your sphincter muscles and stay in place for at least a few minutes”.

This method may not be for everyone but is will provide instant long lasting relief and it by far the most efficient way of consuming cannabis, as with any other drug for that matter. There is a reason why famous rock stars get hookers to blow coke up their arse.

cannabis suppostire


Smoking Cannabis ‘Dabs’ 

‘Dabs’ are a rather new thing in the cannabis world, dab just refers to a cannabis concentrate such as wax or shatter. Some of these concentrates contain as much as 90% THC so your gonna get ridiculously high. It also provides instant pain relief and is the only way some patients, who need high thc dosage, can consume cannabis in a cost efficient manner.

However some extraction methods do involve solvents, which if not properly removed can cause you problems. This method of consumption is not recommended to people with a low THC tolerance. The device used to inhale the dab is also quite complex ad it would be easy for a novice to burn themselves on the hot nail for example but if you wanna get really really high then give dabbing a go but be prepared.

dabs cannabis


Sep 19

An Ode To Roadmen

Growing up in Liverpool meant that I was well accustomed with ‘chavs’ hanging around on street corners selling drugs, so when I moved to London I wasn’t exactly shocked by the ‘roadman’ culture that was prevalent. I don’t even want to compare them to ‘chavs’ as that is already a derogatory term and I having nothing but admiration and respect for the roadmen of London. They are true libertarian entrepreneurs, ignoring the current government regulation surrounding the selling of drugs. There will always be a demand for drugs and it a silly to think that someone won’t be there to supply them its just basic economics.

People love to look down on ‘roadmen’ accusing them of taking the easy way out by selling drugs. However the only people that think selling drugs is easy are people that have never sold drugs in their life, they just cannot relate to the struggle. They don’t see how much work is needed to be put in to make sure you have a good client base, you don’t exactly just put up a sign and wait for the customers to come to you. Hours of walking around various estates is needed just to get your number out there, a roadman without an active phone is just a mere man.

They are also some of the most confident people I have met in my life, it’s not easy to just walk up to complete strangers and ask them if they want to buy drugs, yet they do it effortlessly all day. They are also top salesman, never before in my life have I heard someone be able to big up a plant so much, they leave you thinking you have a one of the kind weed from Malawi or somewhere, when in reality you just have a leafy bag of ‘lemon’.

an ode to roadmen

Maybe my view of roadmen is warped by the good relationship I had with the local roadmen in Bethnal Green. I had helped one of them after they had been stabbed 3 times last Eid and ever since then they always helped me out if ever needed. To be fair though one of them did threaten to shoot me shortly afterwards but it all worked out in the end.

Knife crime is no laughing matter and it should never be looked at as cool to carry a knife however can you blame them. They are under constant threat of getting robbed by rival dealers and need to be able to protect themselves as their life could depend on it. It’s not exactly like the police are gonna be there to help, they only investigate crimes that have happened, they are very rarely there when the crime is committed.

We also need to look at the socio-economic factors that are at play here as well, London is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the whole world yet the government cannot even ensure a living wage for the majority of workers in the capital. When people aren’t earning enough money to survive then of course they are gonna sell a little bit of weed on the side, can you really blame them? Those in a position to moan about not being paid the living wage are the lucky ones as a recent study has shown that the number of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds who have been unemployed for more than a year has risen by almost 50% since the coalition came to power, according to figures released by the Labour party.

There are now 41,000 16- to 24-year-olds from black, asian and minority ethnic [BAME] communities who are long-term unemployed – a 49% rise from 2010, according to an analysis of official figures by the House of Commons Library. People need to survive, if they aren’t working they are going to make money one way or another.

Sep 17

What Is A ‘Landrace’ Strain (List Included)

Landrace strains are the original forefathers of all the cannabis that we have the pleasure of smoking today, long before the crossbreeding frenzy of the 2000’s landrace strains were a lot more prevalent as each geographical location had its own ‘specialized’ cannabis plant that had evolved over time to flourish in its given location. it is also worth noting that as their is no crossbreeding the plants will either be 100% sativa or 100% Indica and there will be no variation from plant to plant.

landrace hindu kush

Historical documents from around the world, some dating as far back as 2900 B.C., tell us cannabis has lived alongside humans for thousands of years, cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes. Many growers believe the earliest cannabis strains sprouted in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually spread to other areas, including South America, Asia, Jamaica, Africa, and even Russia. We call these indigenous strains landraces.

The importance of these strains is no joke and we can see this by the involvement of some of the top cannabis breeders to ensure that the original landrace strains are not lost, Arjan and Franco from Greenhouse Seeds in Amsterdam are two of these people who travel the world locating landrace strains to use in their selective breeding program at Greenhouse Coffeeshop. They have an excellent series of documentaries covering this subject you should watch them here.


“Arjan always considered these landraces very important for the breeding process because they are the bases that have been selected by nature,” Franco told us, “The [span of time] over which nature does this is so huge that they are not replicable by man under any conditions — not indoor, not outdoor, not in any way.”

Franco went on to say that “We have had several pilot projects with universities and hospitals here in the Netherlands where we were able to get real feedback from patients,” Franco said. “From that feedback we figured out that the most important thing is the synergy between cannabinoids. High CBD is very important for some conditions but it will not be as effective or beneficial if you only focus on the CBD itself … When you have a beneficial effect from cannabis, I go as far as to say that it might be just as important this synergy between terpenoids and cannabinoids than between the cannabinoids themselves.”

List Of Landrace Strains

Thai – Sativa from Thailand.

Panama Red – Sativa traced to a small panamanian island.

Hindu Kush – Indica growing in  the Kush Mountain range.

Afghani – Indica growing in the Afghan area.

Durban Poison – Sativa traced back to Durban area of South Africa.

Punto Rojo – Sativa that can be found growing in Columbia.

Acapulco Gold – Sativa coming from the Mexico region.

Lamb’s Bread – Sativa that originated in Jamaica.

Malawi – Sativa originating from Malawi, Africa.

Luang Prabang – Sativa originating in northern Laos.

Delta Zonker – Sativa originating in Vietnam.

Altai – Sativa originating in Southern Russia.

russia landrace cannabis


Sep 01

Zip Grinders -Pagoda Tower Spice and Herb Grinder (Four Piece) Review

Zip Grinders -Pagoda Tower Spice and Herb Grinder (Four Piece) Review

Zip Grinders are noted to be the ultimate designer herb grinders on the market today:

– Beautiful new Pagoda Tower design
– Powerful sharp new unique shaped teeth design
– Made from ONE piece of premium Aircraft Grade Aluminum precisely machined on computerized CNC machines.
– Heavy duty grinder with powerful neodymium magnets to keep the lid in place
– Four piece grinder with micron stainless steel mesh filters out pollen
– Includes a handy pollen scraper tool
– Tough and reliable, lasts forever

A must have grinder for your home!

Make exciting herb blends and grind your own tobacco.

See Results or Your Money Back!

Order now and be protected by Zip Grinders “TRY-IT-OUT-AT-OUR-EXPENSE” customer SATISFACTION POLICY.
Try our product and if you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 365 days and we’ll refund your money.

Check it out on AMAZON here.

pagoda grinder

Sep 01

Trichome DankTank Review – 3-Ounce Airtight Smell Proof Herbal Container

Trichome DankTank Review 

  • Holds up to 3 oz of ground up herb, teas, or “tobacco”
  • Airtight seal traps 100% of odors inside making for the perfect smell proof container
  • Completely blocks UV rays – keeping your herb fresh
  • Perfect size: small enough for on the go, large enough to hold your stash
  • Unique boxed design makes for a sleek and inconspicuous stash jar



The Trichome DankTank is the premium smell proof container. It’s airtight design locks in odors and blocks out water, UV rays, and more. Specially designed to be the perfect stash jar, the container holds up to 5 oz of ground up herb, “tobacco”, teas, and more, while remaining small enough for travel.

Other smell proof containers poor design leads to leaking odors after minimal use, while the Trichome DankTank is built to last. Just snap the latch on top and all smells stay trapped inside your odor proof container. Smell proof jars have a tendency to come with noticeable and unsubtle designs – not the DankTank. Our scent proof container features a sleek and subtle design to keep your stash looking good, while remaining inconspicuous. Other smell proof storage containers lack long term durability, but the Trichome DankTank is a stash container that will stick with you through thick and thin.dank tank herbal stash jar

The black exterior keeps any UV rays and wandering eyes away from your stash. Our smell proof containers boxed shape makes for convenient carrying and storage compared to other stashware. With the Trichome brand, comes Trichome quality. Each smell proof container is quality inspected and crafted with care.

Check it out here on AMAZON.

Sep 01

Top 5 Stash Cans For Stoners

If you are a stoner that needs to be discreet then these cans are for you, you can hide all of your weed in one of these simple stash cans which can then just be left out in the open in your room. These are also perfect for things like music festivals as you will be able to bring all your drugs into the festival without ever having to worry about getting them taken off you. I would not recommend using these at any place that has an x-ray machine as they will easily see the hidden compartment.

They are also perfect for christmas gifts and are a cool novelty item for any stoner even if they don’t need to be discrete. They are all pretty cheap and can be purchased directly from amazon on these links below.

WD-40 Safe Can Diversion Stash Container+Free Pack of 1 1/4 Rasta Wrap

Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash

Southwest Specialty Products 30007C Barbasol Can Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 21001C Del Monte Can Safe Storage Container


arizone green tea stash can

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