Aug 29

Why Oregon Is The Best Place In The USA For Stoners

When it comes to cannabis Oregon is leagues ahead of all the other states in America. Oregon managed to go from legality to actual sales within three months, in comparison it took Colorado 6 months to do something similar, it is also worth mentioning that it took Washington 18 months just to complete the same process.
Another thing to convince American stoners is that Oregon has the lowest levels of marijuana tax in the whole country, for the first 3 months of legal sales there will be no tax applied to any cannabis related sale all thanks to a loophole in the law which prohibits marijuana being taxed until 2016. When tax does come into effect it will be a flat 25% retail excise tax which will be applied to all recreational purchases, after 2016 this retail excise tax will drop to 17% with a potential for an extra 3% of local taxes. To give you something to compare this to Colorado imposes a 15% excise tax, a 10% state sales tax along with another 6-7% of additional state sales taxes meaning Oregon is definitely going to be home to the lowest legal weed prices in the whole of the United States. Some medical dispensaries in Portland have been offering ounce specials for as low as $79, even the highest quality cannabis never sells for more than $225 an ounce.

oregon best weed

Measure 91 in Oregon also originally defined marijuana extracts as those concentrates manufactured with butane, hexane, propane, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol or carbon dioxide, while remaining unclear about ice water hash, bubble hash, finger hash, rosin and kief. The legislature cleared that up, creating a new designation of “concentrates” that are products made by mechanical or non-hydrocarbon extraction techniques. So butane, propane and hexane hash oils are still extracts with a one-ounce limit, but everything else (except CO2 extracts that also use high heat and pressure) are now concentrates with a one-pound possession limit, and no amount that can get you a felony.

Oregon is also a haven for growers, even people who have lawful grows near schools will still have the right to cultivate up to 4 plants. 4 plants may seem like a low number, however the fact that Oregon doesn’t care about immature plants means that you can actually have a lot more plants as long as they are not all in flower at the same time. The new legislation also struck down the “12 inch rule” which states that any plant that was taller or wider than 12 inches should be considered a mature plant.

If all of these above reasons weren’t enough to convince you that Oregon is the best state for stoners then this final one will. Oregon has always been and is still home to the best medical marijuana system in the uSA. Veterans with PTSD can now get their medical cards for 10% of the original price. A host of other conditions can also be treated with medical marijuana within the state and if you do decide to move here for medical purposes then you will find all of the products and sup[port that you require.

Aug 29

Do You Get Higher If You Smoke Weed In Hot Weather

I have always wondered if smoking weed in hot weather gets you more stoned than normal. Being from the United Kingdom I don’t really have the ability to smoke weed outside due to the combination of our shitty weather and shitty drug laws. Forced to smoke in the cold and rain I always looked forward to going somewhere hot on holiday and getting stoned in the sun on a beach.

Every time I have managed to smoke in the sun on the beach I have always felt like I have gotten so much higher than when i’m smoking in England. At first I thought simply it was related to smoking in the hot sun, however weed is weed and no matter where you smoke it you are going to absorb the same amount of thc into your body. It is probably more to do with my body being dehydrated as a result of the hot weather and the fact that during the holiday I have probably have had a small tolerance break of about 4 days. This means I need no where near as much weed to get stoned as I would normally would at home.

smoking weed in the sun

Also most of the popular holiday destinations in Europe such as Spain have very cheap cannabis prices, when you get a lot for very cheap you end up smoking huge joints which can also be a shock to the system.

Aug 29

Mylar Baggies, The Only Smell Proof Baggie That Works For Cannabis

These baggies are perfect for a stoner who needs discretion. With these mylar baggies you could easily keep an ounce of cannabis in your room without ever having to worry about the smell giving you away. These baggies are also very popular with deep web vendors, most vendors that sell cannabis online use these baggies in order to keep the smell to a minimum. The fact that professional dealers put their trust in these baggies says a lot as their product has to be hand delivered by the mailman without them every smelling whats inside.

They are also very easy to use, simply place your cannabis inside the pouch and heat seal the top. You can use an iron or a pair of hair straighteners on a medium heat. If you are just keeping an extra bit of weed in your house then this will be enough to eliminate all the odor, however it should be noted that if you are trying to fool a trained sniffer dog then you will have to take an extra few steps. To fully neutralize the cannabis smell you will have to wipe down the outside of the mylar baggie with pure alcohol to kill any lingering smell.

mylar smell proof baggie

When I was younger they worked perfectly for me and provided me with the ability to keep cannabis in my house without every worrying about my parents smelling it, they still come in handy now for when I need to be moving around outside my house with cannabis in my possession.

Check them out on amazon HERE.

Aug 27

Which Country Has The Best Weed In The World?

This question would have been a lot harder to answer if I was writing this article 10 years ago. Prior to the tide of legalization that swept over the United States there was only a few select places around the world where you could consistently get very high grade cannabis. The Netherlands, namely Amsterdam, was one of these places. Amsterdam was a haven for stoners across Western Europe, when you were fed up of average quality cannabis in the United Kingdom you could head over to Amsterdam and sample some of the finest cannabis the world has to offer without the fear of arrest. The Netherlands position within the European Union also meant that surrounding countries also had access to the high quality cannabis available in Amsterdam as it could easily be smuggled across the non existent European borders which have came as a result of the Shenghen Zone which promotes the freedom of movement for people and goods.

Grape Kush weed

I used to be amazed when going to Amsterdam, they seemed so far ahead of the UK when it came to available cannabis products. The coffee shops all stocked incredibly high thc ‘isolators’ (comparable to shatter but earlier) and had top of the range volcano vapes for you to smoke them from, the most amazing thing  to me was the price, I was getting extremely high quality weed for cheaper than I would get some mids in England. The recent crackdown on cannabis in Amsterdam has meant that there has been a huge reduction in the number of operating coffee-shops. Other European countries such as Spain are heading towards legalization, this coupled with their proximity to Morocco means that they will have access to an array oh high quality cannabis and hashish. While there are more and more European countries taking a relaxed stance towards cannabis it should hopefully lead to an increase in the availability of high quality cannabis products. However there is a lot of catching up to do if Europe wants to get on the same level as North America.

Without a shadow of a doubt the country with the best weed in the world is definitely the United States. It is quite ironic to think that the country solely responsible for the global war on drugs would be home to the highest quality cannabis in the world. Countless billions of US $ have been wasted in this stupid war and most of the world still has similar cannabis drug laws to the UN mandated ones, which America were responsible for. So yeah, USA may have the best weed in the world but you fucked over countries like the United Kingdom in the meantime because we are still stuck with your ‘war on drugs’…

cheese indica

Some of the best looking cannabis and shatter that I have seen has been coming out of Colorado where they have legalized cannabis for recreational purposes as well as medically. The thing that makes the states stick out where they have full legalization is the sheer number of different and new cannabis products. You can get basically any edible item with thc inside it as an active ingredient again, you can also buy hundreds of cremes and rubs for your skin. This just wouldn’t be possible without full legalization. Props to USA for managing to bring cannabis into the mainstream for everyone to enjoy.

Canada are also worth mentioning, while cannabis is still technically illegal there you do not see many people getting prosecuted by the local police force. Dealers are still arrested and there is the occasional large grow operation that is shut down however that is expected due to the weird legal limbo that cannabis users are experiencing in Canada after being promised cannabis legalization by their new leader Justin Trudaeu.

It is still unknown weather he will fully go through with his promise of cannabis legalization, however Canadians have just been getting on with what they do best, growing some lovely kush. Every strain that I have sampled which originated in Canada has been a pleasure to smoke and I always look forward to some BC Kush.

If you grow your own cannabis or know a very talented grower then you can get high quality cannabis in any country on earth, however for the most part people aren’t lucky enough to be in these situations. This is the reason why countries where cannabis has been legalized for medical or recreational purposes will always be leagues ahead because they have dispensaries to sell weed whereas the rest of the world is stuck with shady dealers.


Aug 27

Pokemon Poke-ball Herb Grinder Review

We all know that one person who loves Pokemon and also loves smoking weed, finally you can buy them the perfect gift for Christmas. This Pokeball grinder will give them that nostalgic feeling every time they grind some weed up. The unusual shape of the grinder does not negatively effect the product, it still has a 40mm grinding surface area in which the teeth are spaced out evenly for an efficient grind. The overall product is 50mm x 52mm. The pokeball shape also allows the bottom to be fashioned into a storage chamber for your weed, after it falls down here it will be easy to empty straight out of the grinder.

pokeball grinder review

One of my favorite parts about this grinder is the strong magnet it has to old it together, on any grinder a strong magnet is essential to reduce spillages of your precious herb. However the magnet is even more important on this grinder because without the grinder staying in one whole piece the aesthetic is totally ruined. They have also done well to make the magnet not too strong because there is nothing worse than struggling to open your grinder up when there is weed stuck inside the chamber.

The hard plastic on the outside is durable and you will not need to worry about the inside as that is metal, however one thing that I have noticed  about this grinder is that the grey paint is prone to chipping pretty easily, it is not very noticeable and shouldn’t stop you from buying this awesome grinder.

Check out the Pokeball Grinder here on AMAZON

Aug 27

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder Review

With the holiday season coming up I can see this grinder being a huge success, it is the perfect present for the stoner in your life. Sold by Golden Bell the grinder is crafted with heavy duty zinc allow and consists of 4 pieces and  3 chambers. A mesh screen in one of the chambers will filter very fine pollen which can then be collected with the included pollen scraper. There  are a few more design features which make this grinder stand out, the thin Poly O-Ring in the middle will allow smooth grinding and reduced friction and the magnetized lid will considerably reduce the chance of any spillages when you are using the grinder.

golden bell grinder review

Prepare your herbs to perfection in seconds with the Golden Bell Grinder
– A stylish premium grinder at the best possible price.
– Golden Bell Grinders are made of strong and high quality materials that guarantee optimal performance and durability.
– The sharp diamond-shaped teeth ensure a smooth twist and an efficient grinding action
– Golden Bell Grinders are tough and sturdy and provide better control than other grinders so you can be very precise about the fineness or coarseness of the grind.
– Easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean.

This is the last herb grinder you will ever need.
We Offer A LIFETIME Warranty On Our Golden Bell Grinders.
With a 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.
Purchase with confidence today and take the Golden Bell Grinder for a spin tomorrow and long into the future.

Package Content:
1 x Pollen Scraper
1 x 2″ Herb Grinder

You can buy the grinder here on AMAZON.

Aug 18

The Easiest Way To Get Weed In Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown)

The Easiest Way To Get Weed In Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown)

Having already travelled South-East Asia before, I knew how easy it was to locate weed in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and the south of Thailand. However on this trip we decided to go to Malaysia, a predominantly islamic country with strict drug laws. We were planning to spend a week in Penang so we wanted at least enough weed to last us that time. Having been in Thailand for the first month and getting used to being able to buy weed for cheap whenever I want I made the decision to just buy all of my weed in Thailand and smuggle it over the border, yes it was risky but at least it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of walking around looking for a dealer when I arrived. We could have flew to Malaysia but in an attempt to save money and find an easier border to cross we decided to go via bus.

The cannabis out here doesn’t smell like western weed, the aroma is nowhere near as strong. If anything the weed gives off a slightly hashy smell, it is perfect for discretion. A smell proof bag would have been perfect right around now but most of them are just a scam, smell still permeates through plastic baggies just not as much, if you want real smell proof baggies then you will have to check out the mylar bags which you heat seal and then rub down with alcohol to remove all possible smell residue. I just used 2 regular baggies and then wrapped them up in a small bit of a plastic bag, it may sound like some bad stealth but does it really matter when its going down your pants….plus i’m still here to write this so it cant have been too much of a bad idea.

A 6 hour bus took us from Krabi to Hat Yai, here we switched into another smaller van which would take us across the border and the rest of the way to Georgetown, Malaysia. Approaching the border I got a little nervous, Malaysia does not fuck about when it comes to drugs and getting caught smuggling any amount of cannabis can result in a 25 year prison sentence or at worst the death penalty. There is no point getting nervous though because smuggling is all about confidence, plus it helps if your white too… The border crossing was one of the easiest I have done, walked up to an immigration desk, showed my passport, put my bag through a scanner and then I was in Malaysia, it was as simple as that. They didn’t even have a metal detector or search my body so there was literally no way to get caught, we all know how bullshit sniffer dogs actually are, so don’t stress out if you see one because that is what the handler is looking for. I would recommend this route if you want to bring your own weed to Penang, Malaysia especially if you are coming from the south of thailand where weed is cheap and plentiful.

If this method doesn’t suit you then you can just wait until you get there, however accept that you are gonna pay alot of money for a small amount of weed, Their drug laws coupled with the polices latest crackdown on drug use in seaside resorts has meant that the prices have skyrocketed and the availability has dropped, Although I managed to smuggled around 20 joints over the border with me I still decided to ask around so that I could write this article with some good information in case you don’t want to risk the border run. I done the standard ask the tuk-tuk / motorbike drivers and they all gave me a similar response, they said it is possible to get just very hard, they were quoting me around $12 per stick of weed which is not a lot of weed, or about $40 for a decent amount. They also said that it would have to be dropped and off and would take about an hour. The best tip I recieved was off a Malay man selling DVD’s outside of the pub I was in, he said to go to the beach and ask one of the beach boys (local working on the beach), however he was very specific about which ethnicity of beach boy to ask, he said to not ask the Chinese or Indian beach boys, but if I found a Malay (Malaysian) beach boy then I would probably be in luck.

It is possible to get weed in Penang so don’t worry about not having smoke when you visit Malaysia. One final tip for when you do get weed is to head straight to a 7/11 and buy the chips more butter cookies and a lucozade sport orange, believe me you will thank me later, they go perfectly with a spliff.

If this article helped you out in any way then please help me out in return, simply clicking on the adverts to the right will mean I can keep travelling the world and smoking weed while I’m doing it, thank you

Jul 26

What City Has The Best Weed In England?

What City Has The Best Weed In England?

Cannabis may be illegal in England but that does not mean there is a thriving cannabis scene, the police and government have pretty much given up on prosecuting normal stoners which has allowed the scene to flourish resulting in the opening of various underground coffeeshops in cities such as London, Liverpool and Manchester. These three cities are definitely home to some of the best weed in England.


Having lived in East London for 3 years I can safely say that as long as you know the right people you will never be without some high quality cannabis. ‘Lemon’ a variant of the ever popular lemon haze and is readily available throughout the capital, if you live here for as long as me you will learn to love this strain, especially after leaving London and having to smoke inferior hazes. London is also rife with Blue Cheese, which is referred to as ‘cheese’, I would recommend asking for ‘cheese’ if you are looking for an Indica strain while in London as the majority of the other strains available are sativa’s. Most dealers will have a sativa and an indica in stock so you shouldn’t just be stuck with one strain. Amnesia Haze is also very popular in London and is known locally as ‘ammo’, this is a very strong sativa however it is not as easy to acquire as Lemon Haze.

Obviously there are homegrowers that are growing a variety of strains however these are not readily available across London the same way the other three strains that I mentioned are. What London lacks in variety it makes up for in quality, these three strains are always high quality and unless you are buying off the wrong people you should always be getting high quality weed, if not you should change your dealer. Don’t be scared to ask to check the weed first and tell them you don’t want to buy it if you dont think its good enough, you shouldn’t have to settle for bush weed in the capital of England. £20 of weed in London should weigh anywhere between 1.7g – 2.8g depending on how well connected you are.


No other city in the UK comes close to Liverpool when it comes to cannabis quality. As well as the city having the best weed it also has a lot of it, the whole city is full of grow houses and recently a top local judge said that ‘cannabis production in Liverpool is now a growth industry as the region exports more cannabis than it imports. Considering how many people smoke weed in Liverpool this must mean that we are producing any incredibly high amount of it to also be able to export it. Speaking at Liverpool Crown Court the same judge also said ‘I see 5 to 10 cases a week and that number is getting bigger and bigger’. With no end in sight for cannabis production in the city the quality and quantity just keeps increasing meaning that this is definitely the best city in England for weed. Liverpool is also a port town meaning the docks can be used to bring in even more high quality cannabis, most of the imported cannabis comes from Amsterdam and you can be sure to receive a text from your dealer as soon as he gets some ‘dam weed’ which seems to be every day. So many people were bring weed back from Amsterdam after holidays via John Lennon Airport that the local police force decided to give anyone caught smuggling small amounts of weed back into Liverpool a warning meaning that they would not be charged with the importation of a controlled substance. These lax drug laws only encourage people to bring even more weed back into the city.

The variety of strains available in Liverpool also dominates any other city in the UK, you will be spoilt for choice. The most popular sativas in the city are Voodoo Haze, Amnesia Haze and Bubblegum Haze, Liverpool also has the best indicas anywhere to be found within the country, the cheese here will blow your head off and have you ready for sleep in no time. Unlike other cities in the UK it is also very easy to acquire kush while in Liverpool, this just shows that no other city steps to Liverpool when it comes to cannabis.


Jul 24

How To Make Dabs (Rosin) At Home Without Killing Yourself

How To Make Rosin At Home

If you are anything like me then you will have been marvelling at the progression of available cannabis products in states where cannabis has either been legalized recreationally or medically. These new products range from various sprays, to edibles and dabs which will blow your head off without you having to inhale copious smoke. Sadly for me and my other British stoners we do not have anything that comes close to these products, the best we can get is just basic weed and maybe a few edibles if you know a pothead with a passion for baking. Don’t get me wrong it is possible to get high quality wax and other US produced cannabis products however they are incredibly expensive as they have to be effectively smuggled in which exponentially increases the price making it unobtainable to anyone who isn’t rich.

What You Need To Produce Rosin

Don’t worry though, a savvy stoner located somewhere on this planet has discovered a way to make dabs at home with little to no specialist equipment. Big shoutout to this guy as he has effectively opened up the world of dabbing to anyone with a decent pair of hair straighteners. The best thing is that you won’t even have to worry about setting your house on fire or scaring your whole body for life, this method is foolproof (some might say stonerproof). The normal process involves using a cheap solvent (usually butane) to preform the extraction on the actual plant material, these cheap solvents can be dangerous though and unless you are a professional with the correct equipment then I would strongly advise you do not try and replicate this method. at home.

However anyone without the correct training and equipment should opt for a solventless extraction process which will be a lot easier, cheaper and safer for everyone involved. Don’t expect to get the same yields or quality as professional extractors but this is to be expected. All you will need is parchment paper, hair straighteners and your strain of choice. You will want to take a medium to small sized bud and place it on the parchment paper, fold the parchment paper over the bud to give full coverage so the bud will not be directly exposed to the hot plate of the hair straightener.

You can buy a cheap pair of hair straighteners here on Amazon.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ rosin tech

The Rosin Extraction Method Explained

Once you have placed the bud in the parchment paper you will want to set your hair straighteners to a medium-low heat. When the hair straighteners reach your desired temperature take the parchment paper with the bud inside and place it between the two hot plates. You will want to press down for around about 5 seconds, once you have done this you will notice a small amount of solventless oil on the inside of the parchment paper, repeat this process with each nug 2-3 times to ensure you are getting your maximum potential yield.

This solventless extraction method is commonly referred to as Rosin Tech. After the extraction you will be left with the ‘Rosin’ which is a pure concentrate of the given strains medicinal benefits, it also enhances the flavour and gives the taste a slightly sweeter note. This method can also be used to turn kief into oil and to make some hashs a lot easier to dab. You can expect a yield of anywhere between 7-10% so if you press out 2g of cannabis you should get about 0.15g – 0.2g of dabable material. Don’t let this deter you as the potency of this ‘Rosin’ is incredibly high and will give you the same, if not better, high as smoking the original buds would. It also has many health benefits which come about via the reduction of how much smoke you are inhaling on a daily basis.

If anyone wants to produce a lot of ‘Rosin’ then you would need a larger form of the hair straighteners, an industrial iron or a large t-shirt press. If you have access to any of this equipment then you could easily press out 1oz of cannabis in one press which would yield about 3g of smokeable dabs.

Inexperienced smokers should be wary of dabs though as the high is a lot more intense when compared to just smoking the same amount of weed, the dabs also give you the ability to consume up to 5g of cannabis in one dab easily, so don’t go too crazy or you could be forever couch locked.

Check out the company Rosin Tech who sell equipment which is perfect for this extraction method.


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Jul 20

The Benefits Of Exercising While Stoned

The Benefits Of Exercising While Stoned

You Are At Your Most Focused While High

Being high while exercising will let you solely focus on the task at hand, yoga trainers have suggested that being high aligns the body and mind allowing for the best workout possible. Other top athletes such as long distance runners also say they use cannabis to help them get through their incredibly long races.

Weed And Exercise Both Act On The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system is the receptor responsible for interacting with cannabinoids that are present within the body. This system controls physiological functions such as pain, memory and appetite via the release of cannabinoids, these cannabinoids are released during exercise to help your body cope with the strain of physical activity. So if you like getting high then go out and exercise and you will receive double the benefits you normally would, what’s not to like?

Weed Aids Muscle Recovery And Enhances Muscle Ability

A study was recently carried out that looked at the effect of cannabis on an athletes performance, the test subject got on a treadmill, set the pace for five miles per hour, and then increased the ramp angle 2.5% every two minutes. When the test subject was sober, he could keep it up for 19 minutes. But when stoned, he could last 19:30 — a “substantial performance gain,” according to the physiologist that was carrying out the experiment. He repeated the test twice to make sure the results were reliable.

He also found that he experienced less muscle pain after a heavy squat session. In other words, getting stoned helped him perform and recover better afterwards.

Exercising Can Actually Increase Your High

A recent study out of the University of Sydney showed that people who took part in a 35-minute exercise routine after consuming cannabis had levels of THC 15% higher than those who smoked and did not exercise. This is because the body stores THC in fat, and when you exercise your body begins to metabolize fat. The reason for the higher THC levels in the exercising group is that as the body burns the fat, small amounts of THC are released back into the bloodstream. This increases the active levels of THC in your body and gives you a slightly increased high. The above study also showed that enough THC was released into the body after exercise for the person in question to fail a drugs test, this is not good news for stoners who also like going to the gym. However on the whole exercising while stoned is a very positive experience and I would urge everyone to try it at least once.

Cannabis Also Increases Your Metabolism

“American Journal of Medicine researchers have discovered that pot smokers actually have 16% higher levels of fasting insulin in their bodies than those who abstain from marijuana. In addition, the study indicated that cannabis users have 17% lower insulin resistance levels as well as significantly smaller average waist circumferences than their non-smoking counterparts.” Controlled insulin levels are key when it comes to energy levels and weight-loss so why not let cannabis help you shed them unwanted pounds.


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