May 14

UK Cheese Strain Review

UK Cheese Strain Review

UK Cheese is a popular strain known for its potent effects and unparalleled musty cheese smell. It is also thought to be a specific phenotype of Skunk #1 (the original skunk) that was first cultivated about 25 years ago in the United Kingdom and has been popular ever since. Places such as Liverpool are famous for their production of high quality cheese, maybe even the best cheese in the whole United Kingdom.

The taste is almost identical to the smell; it’s fruity with slight notes of berries, cheese, and undertones of skunk. When exhaling, the flavors of skunk and cheese consume your mouth, and lingers between hits. This is when the cheese flavor is most noticeable and when having a drink while smoking this strain it is not uncommon for your drink to lose its taste and taste exactly the same as the weed, such is UK Cheese.

You can find it in the Grey Area Coffee shop in Amsterdam under the name Exodus Cheese, this name is due to the group of people who first cultivated it being referred to as ‘Exodus’. This indica dominant flower is perfect for a bedtime smoke and will cure any insomnia or stress that you are feeling, however it might not be the best thing to smoke in the morning unless you don’t have any plans.