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Top 5 Cannabis Coffee Shops In Amsterdam

Top 5 Cannabis Coffee Shops In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city that is well known for its architecture and liberal stance on drugs and prostitution. The city has a wide array of attractions such as Dam Square and Vondelpark, however if you are there purely for the high quality cannabis and relaxed laws then take a look at our top five coffee shops to visit during your trip to Amsterdam. This Amsterdam coffee shop guide will leave you prepared for your stay in the cannabis capital of the world.

1. Barneys

As one of the most well known coffee shops in Amsterdam, Barneys offers a great selection of cannabis cup winning strains, including a variety of indicas, sativas and hashs which never lack in quality. However the atmosphere is not the most welcoming and the seating is not the best, they do have volcano vapes for use though, so if you can get a seat it is definitely worth sticking around. If not, Barneys Farm is a short walk away and can provide you with a less crowded place to relax. It is highly recommended that you visit Barneys, however be prepared to queue. They are also very strict in regards to ID so even if you look old make sure you bring your ID along with you.

Recommended Strain : Blue Cheese, Utopia Haze


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2. Grey Area

This small coffee shop which is ran by a group of Americans is a haunt for famous people during their time in Amsterdam and is world renowned for its high quality buds. It can normally be spotted by the queue snaking out of the front door and its distinct urban art decor, graffiti and stickers make up most of the internal decor, giving it an independent edgy feel. However when it is your turn in line expect excellent customer service (they will even roll your joints) and access to some amazing strains of cannabis. Due to the fact that their is minimal seating inside, to match the minimal decor, it is probably best to go elsewhere to chill. It is easy to see why Grey Area is frequented by so many celebrities and no trip to Amsterdam is complete without stopping off here.

Recommended Strain : Exodus Cheese, Silver Bubble


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3. Amnesia Cafe

Known for its signature strain, amnesia haze, this coffee shop feels more like a wine bar due to the smart decor and dim lighting. The staff here are very helpful and the vanilla milkshakes are to die for. The cannabis selection is just as good, although it can be a bit pricey. On a sunny day you can sit outside overlooking the canal, this outside seating area is not found in many places and should be enjoyed if possible. Amnesia Cafe is in a similar location to Grey Area, with both of them being out of the city it is probably best to visit them one after each other.

Recommended Strain : Amnesia Haze, Liberty Haze, Critical Kush


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4. Prix D’Ami

From just a glance you could mistake Prix D’Ami for a nightclub, but once you are past the security and metal detectors you will realise this coffee shop has one of the best cannabis and hash selections in Amsterdam. Prix D’Ami is also one of the best places to chill, on the third floor they have couches where you can lie down and watch 3D movies, all of this comes with table service from the staff. Due to the excellent seating and free wifi it is easy to lose a whole day in here.

Recommended Strain : AMG Haze, Honey Hash


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5. Greenhouse Coffeeshop

Part of the Strainhunters brand, made famous by people such as Arjan and Franco, this coffee shop offers only high quality weed. As well as the amazing selection they have a fish tank in the floor and a fully functioning kitchen offering gourmet food. Multiple televisions are dotted around, these show the various documentaries made by Strainhunters, nothing better than buying some weed and then learning about its origins while you smoke.

Recommended Strain : Super Lemon Haze, White Widow Creme


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