Nov 21

Sensi Skunk Strain Review

Sensi Skunk Strain Review

Sensi Skunk, an indica dominant hybrid created by Sensi Seeds offers a sweet, instantly recognizable citrus flavor in contrast with the earthy, herbal aroma typical of Skunk varieties. The indica-driven effects produce a relaxed and euphoric high that lets you unwind and alleviates stress. Higher than normal CBD levels in this hybrid mean this strain provides some excellent medicinal benefits such as relief for sufferers of anxiety and insomnia as well as aiding with chronic pain.

This strain would be perfect for growers who are looking to set up an indoor operation, Sensi Skunk boasts a short flowering cycle with heavy yields, the perfect combination for any grower!  Sensi Seeds has also released feminized and auto-flowering versions for those looking to streamline the cultivation process. This means that even first time growers can harvest some high quality medicine thanks to Sensi Seeds.sensi skunk review


Like her relatives, Sensi Skunk Feminized cannabis flourishes under lights and also in climates with a temperate climate similar to that of the Mediterranean. As the flowering time is short – a mere 45 to 50 days – Sensi Skunk Feminized is also ideal as a commercial strain which delivers a rapid turnover of dense, potent flowers bearing all the hallmarks of possibly the most well-known type of cannabis in the world.


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