Nov 21

White Widow Strain Review

White Widow Strain Review

Everyone’s heard of White Widow, a perfectly balanced hybrid, that was originally bred in Amsterdam by the world renown Green House Seeds. A cross between a South American sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica,  White Widow has been a very welcome strain in every Dutch coffee shop menu since its conception in the early ’90’s. Its buds are a pearly white with glistening crystal resin, this is an early indication that this strain will get you extremely stoned!

A powerful burst of euphoria and energy signals the start of the high, stimulating both conversation and creativity. These effects mean that this strain can be perfect for treating conditions such as social anxiety and depression when present in patients. The indica element of this hybrid also means it would be perfectly suited for aiding with any sleep disorders a patient may be suffering from. Due to this plants excellent medicinal benefits it is hugely popular in Colorado and is currently available for $8 per gram.

white widow review


This plant will flower in approximately 55 – 65 days and will produce a very large yield. The strain will preform very well in an indoor grow environment, if you want to maximize your yield further then this is the way to go. However if you do have your heart set on growing this strain outdoors then you would have to be situated in a similar climate to that of the Mediterranean.


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