Nov 25

Snoop Dogg Unveils Personal Weed Brand

Snoop Dogg Unveils Personal Weed Brand

It was only a matter of time before Snoop Dogg took advantage of the legalisation of his favorite past time, cannabis. He is bringing out his very own range of cannabis products, including eight different strains, concentrates and an array of edibles.

“Wherever my musical journey has taken me around the world, it’s beautiful to see how chronic leafs are a common source of peace, love and soul that connects us all,” read Snoop’s statement on the company website. “Leafs by Snoop is my way of sharing the experience I have with the finest quality cannabis one could imagine. Let’s medicate, elevate, and put it in the air!”

Snoop Dogg isn’t exactly low key about his love for weed, he has been at the forefront of the cannabis movement for the last two decades. After releasing songs such as ‘Smoke Weed Every Day’ and ‘Smoke The Weed’ he has decided the time is right to make his move into the business side of cannabis. He stated that “Leafs By Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and proud to be a pioneer.” Although the people over at Strainhunters may have something to say about that.




Snoop launched the brand at a private event on Monday. Leafs by Snoop products are to first be sold exclusively at licensed Colorado cannabis shop LivWell, before being sent out to other shops by the end of November, according to marijuana-focused site the Cannabist.

The branding used by Snoop’s company is very minimalist and has the ability to appeal to a very wide audience, the packaging also obeys all the strict regulations around advertising cannabis products. Sliding off the minimalist outer box, various sun-drenched patterns of palm trees, sunny beaches and blue pools are revealed. Each box also contains a collectible sticker featuring a famous stonerism such as “puff puff pass,” “wake and bake,” and, of course, “smoke weed everyday.” These prints of handwritten Snopp quotes add a personal touch to the packaging, overall this is an aesthetically pleasing design and is an example of branding done well.


Snoop Box


The strains that Snoop plans to sell are as follows:

3D CBD – (5.24%THC, 8.1% CBD)
BlueberryDream – (14.6% THC)
Bananas – (22% THC)
Purple Bush – (21.3% THC)
Lemon Pie – (22.3% THC)
Northern Lights – (17.4% THC)
Cali Kush – (25.2% THC)
Tangerine Man -(18.3% THC)