Dec 28

Controlling The Smell During A Cannabis Grow

How To Control The Smell During A Cannabis Grow

Every grower needs to consider how they will go about dealing with the smell of their cannabis plants, if you only have one or two plants then you probably don’t need to be worried about this as the smell can easily be covered up. However if you are growing a larger quantity of plants then you will need to take a few extra precautions to ensure that the pungent aroma does not give you away to the local police force or local gangs looking to steal crops for a quick profit.

Carbon Filter

There is nothing better than a carbon filter for removing the odor of cannabis, it will completely scrub it from the air. The activated carbon within the filter chemically absorbs smells and impurity’s from any air that is pushed through the filter. To move air through the filter you will need to set up your carbon filter as part of an exhaust system, this system will have a fan pulling air away from your grow area. During this process the carbon filter removes all smells from the air and it will be safe to let the remaining air out into the atmosphere without worrying about the smell. Carbon filters will never be beaten as they are very easy to maintain and provide an excellent service while also lasting for a very long time. Any serious grower should have one of these in their grow room.


carbon filter weed

Ona Block

I’m going to talk about odor neutralizers now as they are the cheapest option and will be perfect at covering up the smell of a small amount of cannabis plants. Many first time growers will use anything from deodorant incense in an attempt to cover up the smell of their flowering plants, however most household items will not be strong enough to cover the pungent odor of your mature plants. The odor neutralizers are designed to bind with unpleasant smells to cover up the smell, they also have a very strong fragrance to help with this. I would not recommend putting one of these in the same room as your flowering plants as they can alter the taste of your final product, however they are perfect for just outside the grow room as they will cover up the smell effectively. I have used many different brands of odor neutralizer over the last few years, however the one that stood out the most for me was Ona Blocks and Ona Gel. They were originally designed for use at sewage plants to help cover up the pungent smells, they were so effective that they were manufactured for consumer purchase. They will cover up the smell of a small grow for up to a month but you will have to replace it after that.


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