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What Are Dabs?

What Are Dabs?

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is made by extracting the THC and various other cannabinoids from the flower of the plant using a solvent such as carbon dioxide or butane. BHO is more commonly refereed to as ‘dabs’, although people have extracted cannabis for years and smoked it this way it is only recently that its popularity has skyrocketed. This could be due to the huge celebrity endorsements dabs have had from rappers and other celebrities

Some people within the cannabis movement have voiced concern over the safety of dabs after a series of fires related to people making BHO in their homes. They also believe dabs could give the cannabis movement a bad image and it could stop people outside the movement supporting it. While all these concerns are valid there are many medicinal advantages for patients when it comes to using butane hash oil.

The main medicinal benefit of a cannabis concentrate is that it gives the patient the power to give themselves a very strong dose if their pain requires it. The patient would simply not be able to consume a comparable dosage of medicine if they needed to smoke or vape the buds. While there is dangers in the production of this form of medicine, it can be mitigated by only allowing trained professionals to carry out the extractions in a controlled environment, this would also ensure that the patient received a high quality product containing no impurities that could be found during an amateur extraction.

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The Legality Of Wax / Shatter / BHO

The DEA was ever present with its constant fear mongering, they warned about potent marijuana-based “wax” substance in central Indiana” reads one headline,  explaining how a “highly-potent marijuana-based product is becoming the new drug of choice for teens and young adults.” Another headline that originates from a newspaper story in Texas stated “Dangerous marijuana product looks like lip balm, high-THC concentration” and explains to parents how “butane hash oil lacks odor and is small in size making it easier to conceal, carry and ship.”

The high THC content in BHO is comparable to the high alcohol percentage of various spirits such as vodka and brandy. Just because the concentration is higher than usual it does not automatically mean that it is dangerous. If someone drank a huge bottle of vodka in five minutes and died there would not be calls for the banning of alcohol, however people in the anti-cannabis movement are trying to use the current dabs phenomenon to discredit the legalization movement by saying it portrays a negative image and it is not what they want in their community’s.

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There’s no stopping people from consuming dabs in states where marijuana has been legalized, and where high-tech, properly ventilated labs produce them. However, state governments will soon have to decide whether producing it at home is against the law.