Jun 29

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis Week By Week

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis

The vegetative stage is the main growth period for your cannabis plant, it will reach close to its final height and will bulge out into a more substantial plant. When you begin the vegetative stage after the seedling stage your plant should be about 3-4 nodes high with stems about 5mm thick.

In its natural environment the vegetative stage of cannabis plants occurs during the long sun soaked days of summer. This abundance of energy allows the plant to maximize its growth potential and strengthen its stems to prepare for them to be covered in buds. As the summers comes to a close, the says will get shorter and your plant will be exposed to less light which will trigger the flowering stage. The fact that we have the potential to grow cannabis indoors removes the rigid time structure for the vegetative stage, it allows the grower to elongate the vegetative stage for as long as they want to maximize the overall size of their cannabis plants and hopefully their yields. However it should be noted that some experienced growers will choose to go straight into a 12/12 photo-period from the seedling stage which will force the plant straight into its flowering stage. This means the plants stay small but the grower can get a lot more into a single grow room which can lead to an increased overall yield.

cannabis plant in sunlight

Most growers will expose their cannabis plants to a 18/6 photo-period using a high-wattage light. Always make sure that the amount of light hours remains consistent. Inconsistent photo-periods can cause a lot of stress in a growing cannabis plant as it will not understand what is going on – possibly stressing it to the point where it goes into self preservation mode, which leads to your becoming a hermaphrodite and the presence of seeds during the final product.

Nutrients are very important during the vegetative period, to learn what nutrients your plant needs and how to provide them check out our vegetative nutrients guide.

You should also learn about what color spectrum your cannabis plant flourishes under, for more information on this subject check out our how color spectrum’s effect your cannabis plant article.

Another important factor that you must control during the vegetative stage is the temperature and humidity of your grow room. You should keep the temperature at a steady level somewhere within the range of 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit, 78 is ideal, however anything within this range will be fine for your plant. You might be worried about the temperature of your grow room at night when the lights are off, don’t worry though your plants will be fine as long as it doesn’t go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit during this period. It should also be noted that you need to maintain between 45-65% humidity within your grow room. You should also be wary of over watering your plant during the vegetative stage, to avoid any issues arising ensure that you only water your plant when the top layer of soil is completely dry and not just damp.

veg cannabis temperature

It is also important to note that air circulation is also vital, ensure that you keep a steady flow of fresh air moving through your grow room as this is vital to keeping your plants healthy. A rotating fan is perfect for this however you must make sure that you have an exit area where the air can escape and fresh air can replenish the room. The fans will also help your plans grow stronger stems when blowing on them, make sure the fan is not constantly pointed on them though.

You should aim you allow your cannabis plants to get in around 3-4 weeks of strong vegetative growth, as an approximate your plant should be around 18-20 inches tall and with around 5 leaf branches. All of these are just rough estimates though as some strains need longer growth periods in order for them to reach these heights. You always want to ensure your plant is healthy before ending the vegetative stage, it needs to go on to reward you with a monster yield of potent buds for your personal enjoyment.