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How To Smuggle Weed Back From Amsterdam To UK

How To Smuggle Weed Back From Amsterdam To UK

There is nothing worse than getting back from Amsterdam and smoking three joints back to back only to realize you aren’t even high. Amsterdam is an amazing place for a stoner holiday but the quality of the weed elevates your tolerance to new levels, as a result UK weed just isn’t good enough when you arrive home, the high, nor the taste is comparable to that derived from the cannabis readily available all over Amsterdam.

You may think that it’s impossible for your average stoner returning from Amsterdam to smuggle a decent amount of cannabis back into the UK but its a lot easier than you think, certain methods don’t even require you to have the drugs on your person while crossing borders or going through security. The easiest method is to just bring seeds back with you and grow your own high quality cannabis, however your average person doesn’t have a well equipped grow room or the patience to wait that long for the harvest. If you do have the requirements then you can buy Amsterdam quality seeds here for reasonable prices.

Another easy way to get high quality cannabis in the UK is via the deep web, you can find our in depth guide that teaches anyone how to buy weed on the deep web.

Buy Cannabis On The Deep Web

My personal favorite way of getting weed back is via the postal service. All you need is a bubble wrap envelope to give the package a consistent feel and some smell proof baggies to stop the smell giving your package away. You can find the smell proof baggies in any headshop and the envelope in any post office, when you are in the post office make sure to inquire about what stamps you will need to send a package back to the UK, buy whatever the cashier suggests. It is important to make sure you pay the correct postage as you don’t want any other reason for your package to require an inspection or any extra handling by UK customs.

The best thing about this method is that if you time it right the package will be waiting for you when you arrive home, just remember to not put more than about 9g in each package and that you write your full address clearly. I wouldn’t recommend sending anymore than 5 packages during one visit to the same address, if you vary the address fell free to send as many as you want.

If you want to buy the padded envelopes and smell proof baggies before you go then follow these links:

Padded Envelopes

Smell Proof Baggies

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Now for the slightly more risky method, putting it in your bag and walking straight through the airport. The main thing is confidence, as long as you don’t look dodgy you should be fine. Every time I have went through airports with weed in my bag I have been blazed out of my head so maybe the double bluff does work, plus if they do stop you just say you forgot it was in your bag.

In Amsterdam if they catch you with less than 14g in the airport they will just take it off you and give you a warning so be sure to have under 14g. Don’t be worried about sniffer dogs either, I doubt the dogs are out sniffing for cannabis with the current global terror threat, plus you’re in Amsterdam so everything stinks of weed anyway. Once you get back to the UK its practically done, you just walk through the nothing to declare door and straight into the arrivals lounge, when flying into John Lennon Airport in Liverpool there is hardly anyone even there searching people.

If you want to read an example of their incompetence then check out this article where they failed to detect home made bombs and knifes in carry on luggage. You must be aware that if caught you will receive at least a cannabis warning and maybe even prosecution.

When i’m coming back from Amsterdam I use a combination of these methods to maximize the amount I can safely bring out while still avoiding detection. You can easily send back about an ounce in three different packages and carry 7-10g on the plane with you, this is sure to last you a while when you get home, especially when your tolerance returns to normal.

I feel like our borders are pretty open to smuggling, however the majority of people would never think of risking it. The government has managed to create a fake fear within the people via misinformation when it comes to the strength and security of our borders. So next time your in Amsterdam just channel your inner Howard Marks and bring yourself a nice amount of smoke back.


There is also a huge cannabis community on Wickr, the secure messaging app that can be downloaded directly from the app store on to your phone. After Agora was shut down a group of vendors teamed up and moved over to Wickr, their wickr username is ‘worldwideweed’. This collective is mainly what has made the cannabis scene so big on wickr, they are based in the USA, UK and mainland Europe so aim to offer 1-2 domestic shipping in any of these countries.

You can message ‘worldwideweed’ on wickr for a menu, it is worth noting that there are different prices and different strains available depending on what region you are ordering from. All of their prices are supplied in the specific regional currency however must be paid in bitcoin.

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