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Where To Buy Weed In East London (Bethnal Green)

Where To Buy Weed In London

First things first, weed is still illegal in the UK so keep that in mind. The police are pretty relaxed about it and if caught in possession you will only receive a warning. If you are from another country then this doesn’t matter to you as the UK authorities will not alert your local authorities. Don’t be worried about undercover officers trying to sell you weed its a lot more likely the dealer will just be trying to rip you off if anything.

If you are planning to visit London, in particular East London, and are worried about getting hold of some weed during your stay then don’t be, Its probably more unlikely that you wont get offered any. London is unlike any other UK city I have lived in when it comes to drug dealers, they literally just walk the streets asking you if you need anything. Of course the quality and quantity of the weed that they will sell you is very questionable but its better than nothing I guess. The better dealers don’t bother walking the streets and generate enough business off their phone so don’t think you will encounter anyone not looking to rip you off. To avoid this its best to speak to one of the locals, they can normally give you the number of someone with a lot better stuff, just try asking someone who looks like a pothead.

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Where To Buy Weed In Bethnal Green (East London)

If you are still stuck then head to the Bancroft Estate in Bethnal Green and you will definitely find what you are looking for. The estate is between Stepney Green and Bethnal Green tube stations, you can take the district, hammersmith and city or the central line to get to the surrounding area. You will probably be approached by someone selling a host of drugs, if not just hang around for a bit and someone will eventually come up to you.


There is also a huge cannabis community on Wickr, the secure messaging app that can be downloaded directly from the app store on to your phone. After Agora was shut down a group of vendors teamed up and moved over to Wickr, their wickr username is ‘worldwideweed’. This collective is mainly what has made the cannabis scene so big on wickr, they are based in the USA, UK and mainland Europe so aim to offer 1-2 domestic shipping in any of these countries.

You can message ‘worldwideweed’ on wickr for a menu, it is worth noting that there are different prices and different strains available depending on what region you are ordering from. All of their prices are supplied in the specific regional currency however must be paid in bitcoin.

Deep Web

By far the best method is to order the weed you want off the deep web a few days before you arrive in London. Get it sent directly to your hotel and when you arrive you can go and pick it up from the front desk, don’t be worried about the hotel finding out because the stealth provided by the darknet vendors is excellent. This method totally removes all the stress derived from trying to find a local street dealer to sell you a very small 20 bag. Also if you are coming from a foreign country this totally removes the risk of customs as you can order it domestically from within the UK as their is currently a very wide selection on AlphaBay.

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