Aug 29

Why Oregon Is The Best State In The USA For Stoners

When it comes to cannabis Oregon is leagues ahead of all the other states in America. Oregon managed to go from legality to actual sales within three months, in comparison it took Colorado 6 months to do something similar, it is also worth mentioning that it took Washington 18 months just to complete the same process.
Another thing to convince American stoners is that Oregon has the lowest levels of marijuana tax in the whole country, for the first 3 months of legal sales there will be no tax applied to any cannabis related sale all thanks to a loophole in the law which prohibits marijuana being taxed until 2016. When tax does come into effect it will be a flat 25% retail excise tax which will be applied to all recreational purchases, after 2016 this retail excise tax will drop to 17% with a potential for an extra 3% of local taxes. To give you something to compare this to Colorado imposes a 15% excise tax, a 10% state sales tax along with another 6-7% of additional state sales taxes meaning Oregon is definitely going to be home to the lowest legal weed prices in the whole of the United States. Some medical dispensaries in Portland have been offering ounce specials for as low as $79, even the highest quality cannabis never sells for more than $225 an ounce.

oregon best weed

Measure 91 in Oregon also originally defined marijuana extracts as those concentrates manufactured with butane, hexane, propane, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol or carbon dioxide, while remaining unclear about ice water hash, bubble hash, finger hash, rosin and kief. The legislature cleared that up, creating a new designation of “concentrates” that are products made by mechanical or non-hydrocarbon extraction techniques. So butane, propane and hexane hash oils are still extracts with a one-ounce limit, but everything else (except CO2 extracts that also use high heat and pressure) are now concentrates with a one-pound possession limit, and no amount that can get you a felony.

Oregon is also a haven for growers, even people who have lawful grows near schools will still have the right to cultivate up to 4 plants. 4 plants may seem like a low number, however the fact that Oregon doesn’t care about immature plants means that you can actually have a lot more plants as long as they are not all in flower at the same time. The new legislation also struck down the “12 inch rule” which states that any plant that was taller or wider than 12 inches should be considered a mature plant.

If all of these above reasons weren’t enough to convince you that Oregon is the best state for stoners then this final one will. Oregon has always been and is still home to the best medical marijuana system in the uSA. Veterans with PTSD can now get their medical cards for 10% of the original price. A host of other conditions can also be treated with medical marijuana within the state and if you do decide to move here for medical purposes then you will find all of the products and sup[port that you require.