Aug 31

Reasons Why British People Smoke Weed With Tobacco

There are a host of reasons why most British people put tobacco in their spliff when smoking weed, it can be traced back to the 60’s and 70’s when it was a lot harder to get hold of weed. A lot of people were smoking hash during this time so tobacco was needed to be able to roll it into a joint. This has carried on and even in 2016 people are still rolling their cannabis joints with tobacco, you cant really blame them when weed is $15 a gram at the moment.

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To roll a nice blunt would cost around $15 which is just not feasible when you are smoking 4 or 5 of them a day. Taking that 1 gram of weed and making it into 3 joints with the help of tobacco is going to save you a lot of money and lets be honest no one needs a fat gram joint to themselves.

It has also been said that weed is wasted when you smoke just pure weed joints as weed is needed to burn the weed whereas when smoking with tobacco there is less of this wastage. Also unless you stub out the joint you are gonna waste a lot of weed which nobody wants. UK stoner culture can be compared to European stoner culture both of which are different from USA stoner culture.

“I mix it properly and the tobacco keeps it lit. A pack of tobacco lasts me a couple months and if I don’t have that I’d rip a little bit of my mates cigarette off, simple. Also I don’t get cravings for nicotine and confuse it with a craving for weed (lol).

Spliffs make weed supplies last longer and I still get pretty damn stoned from just 1 50/50 Spliff. It lets you pace you’re high easily, all you do is alter the ratio depending on how high you want to get.

Anyway European smoking culture is just different. We don’t have a “stoner” culture here, getting absolutely baked isn’t that big of a thing here, if you smoke weed you smoke it with tobacco. It’s just how it is here.”

Quote from a UK stoner.