Aug 31

How To Get Drugs When You’re On Holiday

How To Get Drugs When You’re On Holiday

No matter where you are going in the world you can use this general advice in order to get hold of your drug of choice while away on holiday. First of all do your research, you don’t want to be going to a country with very relaxed cannabis laws and then risk taking cannabis through the airport with you. If you are going to a very strict country then I would suggest taking a small quantity with you through the airport. 7g of cannabis or any drug to be honest can easily be concealed within checked luggage, if you do not want to risk leaving it in your bag then carry it on your person. Simply putting it down your pants (as long as smell is not a big issue) will get you through most security checks at an airport as long as you don’t set the metal detector off and require a secondary search. Even if you do set the metal detector off then just remain calm, the vast majority off staff will go nowhere near your private areas while searching. Airport and airport security seem to be very focused on the current threat posed by global terrorism so I doubt they are on the look out for any weed, for example I highly doubt they will be deploying cannabis trained sniffer dogs while they could be using dogs to detect explosives which would be a lot more helpful in the current climate.

Another way of getting drugs while on holiday is via the deep web, I would highly recommend this method if you are holidaying anywhere in USA, Canada, Western Europe and the UK as there is such a high number of quality vendors who can provide next day delivery on your drug of choice to your hotel. This way is foolproof, there is no way of getting caught as even if the package is intercepted by the police they do not have your home address and I doubt they are going to follow it up when they realize you are not a citizen of their country. I used the deep web for years in England and can say for sure that it is the best way to get cannabis if you don’t know any local dealers. You are ensured discretion while ordering off the deep web, the package will be so well disguised that the front desk in your hotel will hand it to you none the wiser of what is inside.

The final option is finding a dealer in person, in Western Europe you will simply need to walk around the more dodgy parts of whatever city you are in until you find someone who will offer you drugs, street dealers are common in cities like Amsterdam and London so you shouldn’t be waiting too long. When in Asia keep an eye out for street dealers but remember they will look a lot less like dealers compared to their counterparts in Europe. In Asia people seem to sell drugs as a secondary income so will normally be in the process of doing another job such as a tuk-tuk or taxi driver. You cant go wrong asking around the taxi drivers while in Asia as they will definitely be able to point you in the right direction.