Aug 31

Is Modern Day Weed Stronger Than 70’s Weed

We all know that older person who tells us that the cannabis of today is frying our brains and that back in his day you could smoke weed all day and never have to worry about the mental side effects that it may cause. I always thought that older person was chatting shit but reports have shown that the average THC levels of cannabis baci in the 1970’s was around 1%. The average in recent times for THC levels is about 6-5% meaning that their has been a huge jump in regards to the potency of the cannabis we are smoking. Some places, such as Amsterdam, sell strains that are up to 30% THC, a hell of alot stronger than the ‘hippie weed’ from the 1970’s.

In the 1980s, hydroponic systems became more common in the USA. This is a method of growing plants without soil, usually using nutrient-rich solutions or materials instead. This method of growing led to a spike in the potency of marijuana. People were able to grow weed closer to home, ultimately giving them access to fresher product. While the emergency of hydroponic systems in very important, the spike can also be attributed to the coming of the ‘internet age’. Before this point in time you would need an extremely skilled grower to be able to grow high quality cannabis, however now all that information is online so anyone with an internet connection can get involved.

Before the home growing revolution most of the cannabis was illegally imported from abroad, meaning that the cannabis would first have to go through all of the harvesting and drying process before being shipped half way across the world to its target destination. Cannabis potency is affected by oxidation. Imports from outside of the country could take months to arrive, and during transport it was exposed to high temperatures, thus reducing the buds potency.