Sep 17

What Is A ‘Landrace’ Strain (List Included)

Landrace strains are the original forefathers of all the cannabis that we have the pleasure of smoking today, long before the crossbreeding frenzy of the 2000’s landrace strains were a lot more prevalent as each geographical location had its own ‘specialized’ cannabis plant that had evolved over time to flourish in its given location. it is also worth noting that as their is no crossbreeding the plants will either be 100% sativa or 100% Indica and there will be no variation from plant to plant.

landrace hindu kush

Historical documents from around the world, some dating as far back as 2900 B.C., tell us cannabis has lived alongside humans for thousands of years, cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes. Many growers believe the earliest cannabis strains sprouted in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually spread to other areas, including South America, Asia, Jamaica, Africa, and even Russia. We call these indigenous strains landraces.

The importance of these strains is no joke and we can see this by the involvement of some of the top cannabis breeders to ensure that the original landrace strains are not lost, Arjan and Franco from Greenhouse Seeds in Amsterdam are two of these people who travel the world locating landrace strains to use in their selective breeding program at Greenhouse Coffeeshop. They have an excellent series of documentaries covering this subject you should watch them here.


“Arjan always considered these landraces very important for the breeding process because they are the bases that have been selected by nature,” Franco told us, “The [span of time] over which nature does this is so huge that they are not replicable by man under any conditions — not indoor, not outdoor, not in any way.”

Franco went on to say that “We have had several pilot projects with universities and hospitals here in the Netherlands where we were able to get real feedback from patients,” Franco said. “From that feedback we figured out that the most important thing is the synergy between cannabinoids. High CBD is very important for some conditions but it will not be as effective or beneficial if you only focus on the CBD itself … When you have a beneficial effect from cannabis, I go as far as to say that it might be just as important this synergy between terpenoids and cannabinoids than between the cannabinoids themselves.”

List Of Landrace Strains

Thai – Sativa from Thailand.

Panama Red – Sativa traced to a small panamanian island.

Hindu Kush – Indica growing in  the Kush Mountain range.

Afghani – Indica growing in the Afghan area.

Durban Poison – Sativa traced back to Durban area of South Africa.

Punto Rojo – Sativa that can be found growing in Columbia.

Acapulco Gold – Sativa coming from the Mexico region.

Lamb’s Bread – Sativa that originated in Jamaica.

Malawi – Sativa originating from Malawi, Africa.

Luang Prabang – Sativa originating in northern Laos.

Delta Zonker – Sativa originating in Vietnam.

Altai – Sativa originating in Southern Russia.

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