Sep 23

How To Grow Cannabis Outside In The UK (Guerrilla Growing)

The majority of the UK population seem to believe that cannabis does not grow naturally in the wild in the United Kingdom. While it is true that you will not find it growing in abundance in the wild like you would in countries such as Albania and Indonesia. The UK may not have the optimal climate for outdoor cannabis grows however with a little bit of knowledge and a few tricks then it is definitely possible.

First of all I would recommend using autoflower strains if you are going to be planting outside as they tend to be smaller which in turn makes them a lot easier to plant discretely. They also need a lot less time before they are ready to harvest as they will automatically start flowering, they will not need a set amount of sunlight per day which is vital as sunshine is not always guaranteed in the UK. You can never say for sure when the best time to plant your crop would be as some years we have a heatwave in April while the next we will have snow which is a real crop killer. If the weather is favourable and starts getting warmer around April then you would have the potential to harvest two different autoflower crops which will make up for the lost yield from choosing the autoflowers.

Choosing autoflowers will mean that you will have to grow from seed and will not be able to buy a cutting off a friend, this is due to the fact that autoflowers start flowering after a certain period of time meaning any cutting would just automatically flower. Once you germinate your seeds you need to make sure you have already located a place to grow them, a sunny clearing is perfect as long as it is away from any prying eyes. People finding your crop is normally not a huge issue but it will be in great danger  from the local wildlife, you can protect your plants by placing some chicken wire around each plant to ensure no predators munch on them.

chicken wire cannabis

After the seedling has been transplanted to your chosen location you will have to decide how you are going to provide the plant with the nutrients it requires over its growth period. If you do not want to to risk going to your plant once a week then I would recommend using slow release organic fertilizers such as worm castings and bat guano. If you are not worried about visiting your plants then just pop down once a week and feed them some of your preferred nutrients but be careful that no one follows you.

With all of this done you can go about your summer confident that your plants will be growing and will be ready to provide you with a bountiful harvest in around 60-90 days.