Sep 23

Which Country Grows The Most Weed In The World

The UN have released their annual ‘World Drug Report’and it offers some interesting information regarding the production of cannabis around the world. Obviously as this report is carried out by the UN it does not include all nations but does encompass the vast majority of them.

Reports from member states regarding the source countries for the production of cannabis resin (hash) showed that the worlds largest producer is still Morocco. Coming in at second place is Afghanistan followed by Lebanon, India and Pakistan. Anyone who smokes hash will be more than familiar with the hash that originates from each of these countries, while Morocco may produce the most I do not believe they produce the highest quality hashish. In my opinion that honor belongs to India or Nepal, the temple ball variant of hashish that originates from that area is absolutely phenomenal.

As cannabis is illegal we do obviously not have reliable data as only the people who get caught make it into statistics. Going off the amount of seizures it can be assumed that most of the worlds production of cannabis herb takes place in North America and is mainly produced in Mexico and the USA. Canada also leads the list for the biggest amount of hydroponic cannabis grown, this is understandable as their climate means that all the cannabis needs to be grown inside. The report also suggests that Albania, Colombia, Jamaica, Netherlands and Paraguay are all important source countries of the cannabis herb that is sold in the international markets.

Most of the cannabis consumed in Europe either comes from the Netherlands or Albania, each individual country is filled with home-growers however I am referring to imported cannabis here. The WODC, which is a Dutch governmental research department,  estimates between 78% and 91% of marijuana grown in the Netherlands is exported. If the consumption by foreign tourists in the Netherlands is added to the total, then just 14% to 5% is consumed in the Netherlands by locals, the WODC says. The lax legislation surrounding cannabis in the Netherlands has fostered a very good clandestine cannabis industry and most of the cannabis that is exported from here is of a high quality.

UN weed report


In 2014, the Americas accounted for about three quarters of all the cannabis herb seized worldwide, Africa accounted for 14 per cent and Europe accounted for 6 per cent. At the subregional level, the largest amount of cannabis herb was seized in North America (accounting for 37 per cent of global seizures of cannabis herb in 2014), South America (24 per cent) and the Caribbean (13 per cent). The amount of seizures is misleading as that does not accurately represent the true amount of cannabis produced, North America’s huge lead can be attributed to their decades long failed war on drugs. It is also no surprise that South America ranks second as the US government pour billions of dollars into combating the drug trade in countries such as Columbia.

Despite an increase in cannabis use, the quantity of cannabis herb intercepted in North America, after reaching a peak in 2010, has been declining, reflecting the fact that a decrease in cannabis production has been reported in Mexico and that cannabis importation may have become less of a priority in the United States since the decriminalization and legalization of recreational use of cannabis in some of the states in that country. Nonetheless, the quantity of cannabis herb seized in other parts of the world, particularly in South America, the Caribbean and Africa, is actually on the increase thanks to new genetics and better equipment.