Oct 23

The Best Things To Do With Your Leftover Cannabis Stems

The Best Things To Do With Your Leftover Cannabis Stems

First things first if you don’t collect your leftover cannabis stems then you need to make sure you start today, if you throw them away you are just wasting valuable THC which you can extract or infuse into endless things. When you get a large amount of cannabis stems you should take a look at these following ideas, this is perfect for stoners on a budget who want to get the most out of their weed. There is a huge number of things that cannabis stems can be used for artistically such as weaving baskets or making a stem pen, however these 5 methods below are my personal favorites. It has been said that stems from high grade cannabis have about 9.1% THC and a slightly lower level of CBD present within them.

Make Cannabis Topicals

Recently the popularity of cannabis topicals has increased greatly, this is thanks to the amazing therapeutic potential of cannabis topicals for various ailments. Topicals are simply cannabis infused products for use on the skin, they are available in various forms such as lotions, balms or tinctures which can be applied directly to the skin for fast relief from any symptoms a patient is experiencing. Stems from indica plants are preferable as they will have a higher amount of CBD present within them which will increase the theraputic value of your cannabis topicals. A host of other ingredients can also be added into the topical depending on its intended use such as Lavender, Vitamin E and essential oils.

Making your own cannabis infused topical is a lot easier than you might think, first you will need to infuse coconut oil with your cannabis stems, afterwards you need to make sure the oil is strained to remove all of the stems. You should add an equal part of beeswax and a double part of almond or olive oil to the strained mixture. This will be the base for your topical, you are free to add any ingredients that you think will have a positive impact when you apply the topical such as Vitamin E or essential oils, make sure you mix thoroughly and then pour into a jar. To make lotions bars simply do not put any oil into the mixture and put them into molds before storing.

With legalization sweeping the nation, many more people are turning to this form of “alternative care” to treat their many ailments. For those who want the relief of cannabis without the high, topical cannabis is becoming a popular option. It heals, protects and smells amazing.

howto make cannabis topicals


Extract Bubble Hash

To make bubble hash from your leftover stems simply grind the stems up and place them in a jar, fill the jar with rubbing alcohol so that the alcohol just about covers all of the stems. Shake the jar for 10-15 minute and you will be left with a greenish brown mixture, don’t worry if your mixture is a slightly different color as the age of the stems will have an impact on the color. Now you are going to need to use a coffee filter to remove all of the stems from your mixture, let the mixture drip directly from the coffee filter into a Pyrex dish, when all of the mixture has been filtered and transferred to the Pyrex dish you will want to take a larger pan and fill it with boiling water and then place the Pyrex dish above it without the dish ever touching the water, additional things such as putting a fan in front of the mixture can also speed up the evaporation process.

You will want to wait at least 10 hours before you scrape the resin from the bottom of the Pyrex dish, do not scrape it off any earlier as it needs to fully evaporate to ensure the highest quality. You will be left with some full melt bubble hash from your stems, thanks to hashmaster for showing me this method. There is something extra satisfying about turning what people regard as ‘useless’ stems into such high quality hash, make sure to share the hash with your friends and introduce them to this method of reusing their cannabis stems.

bubble hash from stems


Make THC Butter

Making cannabis infused THC butter is something that most stoners have had experience with, however not everyone knows that you can make it purely from your leftover stems. You will need a lot of cannabis stems in order to make a good amount of THC butter so I would only recommend this method if you have been saving your stems for a significant period of time. This would be perfect for growers who are looking for an efficient way to use their whole crop and maximize their overall yield of medicine.

To start off you will need to grind up all of the cannabis stems that you wish to use, I would recommend using a blender such as the nutri bullet to do this as it would take too long to grind with a small cannabis grinder. When you have ground the stems up place them in a saucepan with some butter on a medium to low heat for about 1 hour. You will have to stand over the mixture and stir it often to ensure the process completes fully. Once the ground up mixture starts turning brown you can turn the heat off and strain the melted butter to remove any additional debris. This liquid butter mixture can be used immediately in any cooking recipe that requires butter or if you want to use it later just store it in the fridge in a suitable container until you need it.

make thc butter from stems


Brew Cannabis Infused Tea

If you don’t fancy the more complicated methods on this list then you can simply make a cannabis infused tea with your leftover cannabis stems. First take your leftover cannabis stems and cut them length ways so that the white center is exposed, you will then place them in the bottom of your tea mug. When you pour the boiling water on the stems make sure to only leave them in for around 3 min or they will leave a bitter taste. Filter out the stems and then use the remaining boiling water to make your usual cup of tea.

This method isn’t gonna get you really high however some people report a calming effect from the tea, it is also a very easy way to use up your leftover cannabis stems. This method might appeal to the UK stoners a lot more than any stoners elsewhere, this is the perfect way to stay warm this winter while getting all the benefits of cannabis.

make cannabis infused tea


Make Cannabis Infused Alcohol

This is an easy method that you can use to make a alcohol-based tincture with your leftover cannabis stems. Although the method is easy you will need a full mason jar of stems before you can start this process. First you will need to find the strongest grain alcohol you can find such as Everclear, when you have purchased this fill up the mason jar right to the top and place it in a cool dark place such as a cupboard. Its going to take a about a week for the cannabis to fully infuse into the alcohol, during this time period you will need to make sure you shake the jar daily. After the week is up take the mixture and pour it through a strainer to remove any additional plant matter. This method is commonly referred to as ‘Green Dragon’.

cannabis infused alcohol


There is so many different things you can do with your leftover cannabis stems, the possibilities are endless. If you have been saving up your stems for a while then I hope you enjoy whatever you end up turning them into, if you don’t collect your stems then from today make sure you put them in a jar and become the efficient stoner you are destined to be.