Oct 25

Welsh Police Commissioner Calls For Cannabis To Be Legalised

A police commissioner from Wales has called for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, the main reason he cites for this is the proven positive benefits it had when it comes to treating a wide range of medical conditions.

Mr Jones, the police commissioner, is also a member of the leading political party in Wales which is Plaid Cymru. During his recent attempts to get involved in Welsh politics he sent a letter to all of the elected politicians in his region urging them to support his proposal to legalize medicinal cannabis.

welsh cannabis legalisation

However some politicians, such as Tory politician Mr Millar, have voiced their disgust at the idea, saying that “As a former police commissioner, Mr Jones should have had first hand experience of the immense damage that drugs cause within our communities”. Every single day the tories find another way to show the regular people just how far out of touch they are from the general population. The Tory MP went on to say that “the police commissioners calls are as reckless as they are misguided”.

Responding to these comments Mr Jones said “cannabis would only be allowed for medicinal purposes so no damage would be caused to these communities”. He also stated that an All-Party Parliamentary Group which aims to reform the current drug policy has provided a conclusion which suggests the outdated and destructive drug laws in the UK are in dire need of reform.