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What Its Like To Smoke Weed While On Other Drugs

What Its Like To Smoke Weed While On Other Drugs

I can only speak for drugs I have had experience with, this means that drugs like heroin and crack will not be covered….for now. If you have only just started smoking weed then I would recommend that you just stick to weed for now and master that high before you starting bring other drugs into the equation. I didn’t intentionally set out to mix all of these drugs with cannabis, I just like smoking weed so when I do other drugs I still smoke. Here are my personal experiences with a bit of scientific information of how the specific drugs interact.

MDMA Crystal & Cannabis

Anyone that has ever tried some high quality MDMA will know that it makes smoking anything, even a cigarette, feel absolutely amazing. If you have some fruity strains such as Tangerine Dream and Lemon Haze you will be in heaven while smoking. The only downside is the fact that it is a struggle to roll a respectable joint while on a high dose of MDMA.

An easy way of combining the two drugs is to crush up the MDMA into a fine powder and roll it into your cannabis joint. I would NOT recommend doing this as inhaling MDMA will fuck up your lungs but I have seen a few people do it and seem to enjoy it.

I also feel like cannabis is perfect for taking the edge off while you are “coming up” on the MDMA, will also help calm any anxiety that you may feel from taking the MDMA. Smoking some weed towards the end of your high may also reinvigorate the MDMA high leading to a return of the pleasurable waves associated with MDMA. Cannabis is also going to be your best friend when you are dealing with your “comedown”, which is basically just a hangover from hell so make sure you buy it the day before you do the MDMA so you can relax and recover the day after.

“It was found that recent retrospective studies on cognitive functions in long-term drug abusers point to an additive negative effect on different types of memory, as well as a cannabis-independent decrease in learning and decision-making in MDMA users. Behavioral experiments in rodents and in vitro studies investigating the combined effect of MDMA and cannabinoid agents demonstrate modulator effects of acute co-administration on measures like body temperature, conditioned reinforcement, and presumed neurotoxicity. It is also worth noting that THC can help protect neurons from this MDMA related toxicity.

In conclusion, there are few and somewhat contradictory studies examining the effects of co-use of these drugs on cognitive measures like impulsivity, memory and executive functions or underlying neurobiological alterations, and a shortage of animal studies examining long-term effects of chronic co-administration”.

molly and weed

Acid & Cannabis

These two drugs work perfectly together in my opinion, the cannabis enhances the acid trip an incredible amount. If it is your first time dropping acid then I would definitely recommend waiting until you are coming down from your trip before you start smoking weed. If you smoke while tripping it will make the trip a lot more vivid and the acid will hit you a lot harder, which is ideal for the psychonauts amongst us.

Just like the MDMA high smoking is amazing however you will struggle to roll a spliff if you are tripping too hard, I would advise that you roll a few joints before you drop the acid, you will definitely be thankful later on in the night.

If you feel like you are coming down too early in your trip just try smoking a spliff, the acid high should return in waves. It should also be noted that acid does have a dark side and there is the potential for a bad trip, if you are paranoid about smoking weed while tripping then maybe you should get a bit more experience tripping first as any doubt in your mind can be exploited by the acid during a trip which can last up to 12 hours.

People talk about how amazing it is to listen to music while your stoned however they do not understand truly how good the music can be with the help of a little bit of acid.

smoking cannabis while tripping on acid

Alcohol & Cannabis

People who just drink alcohol probably would not agree with me classing it alongside drugs such as acid and DMT however it is a drug just the same and can fuck you up just as much as anything else on the list, especially when combined with cannabis. The majority of stoners have been in a position where someone around them has ‘whiteyed’ after  smoking while already drunk. For the amateur smoker, smoking while drunk can be very risky.

If you smoke most days then I wouldn’t be too worried about this it is normally a thing that if seen in younger less experienced smokers. Smoking after drinking is definitely still risky for everyone and I would suggest you smoke while drinking or get stoned prior to getting drunk, I have always had a much better night while doing it this way however there is no way I would turn down a joint at the end of the night no matter how drunk I was.

No one likes a hangover so make sure you have some weed around for when you wake up, a spliff in bed is sure to cure any hangover that you may have.

getting drunk while stoned

Cocaine & Cannabis

My opinion on this combination is going to be biased due to my dislike of Cocaine. I have never understood how it justifys its $120 per gram price tag in London, it has always just struck me as a drug for people who dont really like drugs. Why spend this much money on coke which will either give you a minor confidence boost or just sober you up and give you a recognizable buzz when you could get fucked up on acid for 12 hours for $10.

That aside I have coupled both of the drugs many times, similar to the modafinil high it just eliminates the drowsiness and lethargic feeling that accompanies certain indica strains. It gives you that extra energy to do a few things but you will regularly need to redose your cocaine to prevent yourself from coming down. However when you do start coming down I would highly recommend smoking some weed as it will take the edge of the comedown and allow you to get to sleep after a heavy night.

I wouldn’t really go out of my way to try this drug combination as it ranks as one of the worst on this list, there is also a few studies that show their is an increased chance of dangerous heart palpitations when combining cannabis and cocaine.

cocaine and cannabis

DMT & Cannabis

DMT is the strongest psychedelic on this list and should be approached with caution as it makes acid look like childs play. I would be surprised if anyone was able to smoke weed straight after taking a hit of DMT as you are literally transferred into another dimension. I have had trips when I have ended up in a train station made solely from sound waves and another where I was transported straight into a video game so I cant really see there being any time for you to smoke.

To counter this you can roll the DMT into the weed and get high that way however the DMT trip will be nowhere near as vivid as it would be if you smoked it out of a small pipe. Would still recommend this way as the trip is not the only part of the DMT high, even without the trip you will still feel amazing. Some people may want to avoid the vivid trip associated with DMT as not everyone is comfortable with looking down and seeing your whole body is covered in scales because you are now a lizard.

Personally I prefer to just get really stoned first and then smoke the DMT afterwards, I feel like it makes the transition into being a lizard a bit more easier…

trippping on weed

Ketamine & Cannabis

I have always wondered why ketamine was a class C drug in England for so long because when it comes to getting in a bad way ketamine is the go to drug. Maybe the fact that there were no criminal repercussions and that it was only $20 a gram meant that it was very popular with the youth. It has recently been moved into class B and as a result the price has doubled to about $40 a gram which is bad news for wreckheads across the country.

If you want to smoke a spliff after sniffing ket then expect to roll the worst spliff of your life and for it to take an incredible amount of time to roll, make sure you roll a few when you are sober so that ketty you doesn’t have to worry about it. Ketamine doesn’t have the same synergy with cannabis as other drugs such as acid and mushrooms, if you have sniffed a decent amount you will barely notice anything while smoking because the ketamine high is so strong and overpowering.

ket and weed

Valium / Xanax & Cannabis

If you want a good nights sleep that lasts about 14 hours but still leaves you waking up groggy then this is the combination for you. Don’t expect to do anything productive when trying out this combo, if your chosen strain is an indica strain then just expect to be melted into the couch for the foreseeable future.

Using diazepam together with weed may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Some people, especially the elderly, may also experience impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with these medications. Also avoid activities requiring mental alertness such as driving or operating hazardous machinery until you know how the medications affect you.

Medical disclaimer out of the way I would definitely suggest this drug combination for anyone just looking for a majorly relaxed day, just make sure you clear your schedule first…

benzos and cannabis

Ecstacy (pill) & Cannabis

Obviously this is going to be very similar to smoking while high on MDMA however I though ecstasy pills deserved their own category as they aren’t always just MDMA as I have found out from first hand experience. As long as the pills are good quality it will be identical to the MDMA high however a  lot of pills are cut with other drugs so the high may not be as clean as you would expect if you are used to doing high quality crystal MDMA.

Speed was always the drug that people said was the main cutting agent for pills so smoking weed is vital to take that jittery edge off that is associated with speed. Your energy levels will be ridiculously high so smoking weed can be very useful in just calming you down and making you relax a bit so you can fully enjoy the high.

I find the comedowns off pills are a lot worse than MDMA so make sure you have a few joints rolled for the morning to aid with your recovery.


Modafinil & Cannabis

Modafinil is a nootropic which is readily available on the internet, it has been likened to the “Limitless Drug” due to its ability to enhance cognition. I had taken this drug without smoking any cannabis and I definitely felt an increase in my motivation and concentration levels so I was curious to see how the high would be when it was paired with cannabis.

I took an above average dose of modafinil and then waited about an hour before I started smoking any weed, the modafinil seemed to intensify the cannabis high and remove any “couch lock” that I was experiencing from my chosen indica strain. I can only imagine that if you smoked a strong sativa while on modafinil you would have an incredible amount of motivation and energy.

Most people pick modafinil as a study aid, if you are one of these people I would base my decision to smoke weed off of what type of work I was doing. Cannabis would be perfect for doing a large amount of creative work as you will have the creative benefits of cannabis alongside the motivational benefits of modafinil. If you have more math based scientific work then I wouldn’t recommend smoking as my mind tends to wander when focusing on these types of tasks.


Mushrooms & Cannabis

You cant get much more natural than this combination, if you want to connect to mother nature then clear your schedule and get fucked up on mushrooms and weed. Cannabis seems to majorly enhance the majority of psychedelic drugs mushrooms included which is perfect for anyone looking for a vivid trip. I have found that both cannabis and mushrooms give me the giggles when taken seperatley and the giggles are definitely amplified when you combine the two drugs.

Mushrooms are like acids baby brother, they are a lot more cheerful and friendly whereas acid has a dark side that you risk of encountering whenever you trip. Bad trips are a lot less common when it comes to mushrooms so anyone that is a bit paranoid about smoking weed while on mushrooms shouldn’t worry about the possibility of a bad trip too much. Most of the time I just end up forgetting to smoke any weed while i’m tripping on psychedelics and only decide to start rolling a spliff when I feel like the high is declining. There is too many other things happening in your brain for you to be focused on smoking weed so don’t force it.

mushrooms and cannabis

If you want to get your hands on any of these combinations then I would reccomend checking our guide on how to buy drugs online.

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