Jul 05

Alphabay Offline, Users Fearing Exit Scam

Alphabay Offline, Users Fearing Exit Scam


I know what everyone is thinking…. Every single one of the alphabay links are down, there’s no word from any staff, someone posted a large bitcoin transaction and people are yelling things about an exit scam. And here you are scouring google for updates every 2 mins.

But let’s be rational about this. All the alphabay links being down is exactly what happens when the staff take the site down to do work on it. Even the forums are usually down during this process, though it has at times been put up prior to the rest of the site, (usually to quell the rumors people post here). And there’s not nearly as much commenting or activity on here as during previous downtimes, which I assume relates to the following fact:

It was the 4th of July in America. I don’t know much about the US, but I assume that day is a public holiday, with banks and the post being closed. As such, the day on which the least Americans would be using the website. And since NA is the largest market for AB, wouldn’t it make sense to do maintenance precisely during this period?


I suspect that the bulk of the English speaking staff at AB are also located in North America, so it stands to reason that they might not be around right now to provide updates. And let’s face it – AB has always been terrible at providing updates during periods of down time.

And lastly there’s that huge bitcoin transaction. Dont get me wrong it does look dodgy as fuck but until someone can actually confirm that it’s linked to AB, it’s really just that – a large bitcoin transaction.

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