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Aug 29

Why Oregon Is The Best State In The USA For Stoners

When it comes to cannabis Oregon is leagues ahead of all the other states in America. Oregon managed to go from legality to actual sales within three months, in comparison it took Colorado 6 months to do something similar.

Aug 27

Which Country Has The Best Weed In The World?

This question would have been a lot harder to answer if I was writing this article 10 years ago, before the tide of legalization swept over the United States there was only a few select places around the world where you could consistently get very high grade cannabis.

Aug 18

The Easiest Way To Get Weed In Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown)

The Easiest Way To Get Weed In Penang, Malaysia (Georgetown) Having already travelled South-East Asia before, I knew how easy it was to locate weed in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and the south of Thailand. However on this trip we decided to go to Malaysia, a predominantly islamic country with strict drug laws. We …

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Jul 26

Which City Has The Best Weed In England?

What City Has The Best Weed In England? Cannabis may be illegal in England but that does not mean there is a thriving cannabis scene, the police and government have pretty much given up on prosecuting normal stoners which has allowed the scene to flourish resulting in the opening of various underground coffeeshops in cities …

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Jul 20

The Benefits Of Exercising While Stoned

A recent study out of the University of Sydney showed that people who took part in a 35-minute exercise routine after consuming cannabis had levels of THC 15% higher than those who smoked and did not exercise.

Jul 20

Top 5 Eyedrops For Stoners

Top 5 Eye-drops For Stoners Eye-drops are a necessity for any stoner in need of discretion, if you suffer from severe red eye while getting high then take a look at the following products, they will be perfect for you. Visine Red Eyes Visine-A is an antihistamine/decongestant eye drop, formerly available by prescription only, that …

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Jul 19

Is It Possible To Become Addicted To Cannabis

We have all heard the scare stories ‘responsible’ adults tell the youth today about the dangers of cannabis addiction but can you even become addicted to cannabis? First we need to look at the definition of the word ‘addiction’.

Jul 17

Tips On How To Stop Being Stoned

Everyone has been in that situation when they have something to do later on in the day but you end up getting high during your free time in the morning. As long as you haven’t smoked too much then if you follow a few of these tips then you should be able to sober up enough to go about your daily tasks.

Jul 16

Guy Steals Human Brain To Soak His Weed In The Fluid

In one of the must fucked up cannabis related stories I have ever read, a 26 year old man from Pennsylvania has been arrested after stealing a human brain and soaking his weed in the fluids to get super high.

Jul 16

Does Holding In A Hit Get You More Stoned

For many years stoners have wondered whether holding in a hit from a blunt or a bong for a longer duration of time will increase your high. Before the times of the internet a huge number of people believed that it did get you higher, still to this day there are people that advocate inhaling and holding it in for up to 15 seconds.

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