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Mar 08

The Inner Workings of LED Grow Light

You’ve seen them on TV screens, clocks, traffic lights, indicator lights on your phone that tell you the battery’s empty… LEDs. You can just as well think of them as teeny tiny light bulbs, only they don’t have a filament (that wire-thingy in the middle).

Oct 23

The Best Things To Do With Your Leftover Cannabis Stems

Learn how to make bubble hash, thc butter and cannabis infused tea from your leftover cannabis stems, if you dont collect your stems you are just throwing away valuable THC.

Sep 23

How To Grow Cannabis Outside In The UK (Guerrilla Growing)

The majority of the UK population seem to believe that cannabis does not grow naturally in the wild in the United Kingdom. While it is true that you will not find it growing in abundance in the wild like you would in countries such as Albania and Indonesia. The UK may not have the optimal …

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Sep 17

What Is A ‘Landrace’ Strain (List Included)

Many growers believe the earliest cannabis strains sprouted in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually spread to other areas, including South America, Asia, Jamaica, Africa, and even Russia. We call these indigenous strains landraces.

Aug 31

The Difference Between Indica And Sativa

Indica and Sativa are the two main types of cannabis plants which are then in turn mixed together to produce a multitude of hybrid strains. Each strain effects the body in a variety of differing ways and both have a host of medicinal capabilities attributed to them.

Aug 31

Nutrient Guide For A Flowering Cannabis Plant

Nutrient Guide For A Flowering Cannabis Plant I have went over this in the nutrient guide for a vegetative cannabis plant, however for anyone who hasn’t read that I will give you a brief overview of the nutrients your cannabis plant will require to thrive. The main three nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and …

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Jul 08

Pictures Of Flowering Cannabis Week By Week

Pictures of flowering cannabis week by week

Jun 29

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis Week By Week

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis The vegetative stage is the main growth period for your cannabis plant, it will reach close to its final height and will bulge out into a more substantial plant. When you begin the vegetative stage after the seedling stage your plant should be about 3-4 nodes high with stems about …

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Jun 21

Nutrient Guide For Veg Cannabis Plant

Nutrients are an important factor that every grower must consider during both the vegetative and flowering stage, the correct nutrients will allow your plant to fulfill its true growth potential and provide you with the maximum yield possible.

Apr 15

Which Color Spectrum Is The Best For Your Cannabis Plant?

Its hard to give a definitive answer when it comes to saying which color spectrum is the best for growing cannabis. This is because each differing spectrum gives its own benefits and it comes down to depending on what you are looking for as a grower.

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