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Jan 07

Topping Your Cannabis Plant For An Increased Yield

In the current growing climate every grower seems to be interested in one thing, how to maximize their harvest.

Dec 29

How To Germinate A Cannabis Seed

cannabis seeds germination guide

Are you tired of your seeds not germinating? Read this guide for a 100% foolproof method!

Dec 28

Controlling The Smell During A Cannabis Grow

Every grower should consider how they will go about dealing with the smell of their cannabis plants…

Dec 22

Identifying And Killing Spider Mites

There are multiple reasons why these pests are hated by growers, such as the fact that a single mature female spider mite can produce around a million mites in less than 30 days.

Dec 16

Learning About A Nitrogen Deficiency In Your Cannabis Plant

This is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies found in all cannabis plants, it will start initially in the lower leaves and cause them to turn a pale green color.

Dec 16

Spotting And Fixing A Boron Defeciency In Your Cannabis Plant

The majority of growers will never have to deal with this deficiency but if you do then this guide should give you all the information you need to combat this sickness.

Dec 15

The Flowering Stages Of Cannabis Week By Week

Your plant will need some special attention during the first week of the flowering phase. This is due to the fact the plant needs to be flushed of any nutrients that you used in the vegetative stage, these will need to be replaced with nutrients that aid with flowering.

Dec 15

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Oil At Home

Rick Simpson, a Canadian cancer patient who cured his own skin cancer using home made cannabis oil in 1997, brought the cannabis oil debate to the mainstream. He gave hope to cancer patients across the globe and also galvanized support for medicinal marijuana in various countries.

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