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Jun 07

The Great Liberal Democrat Cannabis Lie

The Lib Dems aim to con younger voters into securing enough votes for a Conservative coalition with cannabis lie.

Jan 09

The Shocking History Behind The US Drug War

Firstly I want to take a look at when the war on drugs began, drug use became prevalent in America after the civil war ended, at the time the drug of choice was opium. About 15 years later cocaine became incredibly popular and the coca leaf was also used in items such as health drinks and remedies which were readily available to the public.

Nov 09

Cannabis Industry Set To Flourish During Trump Presidency

The cannabis industry could be in for a big boom during the Trump presidency as California, Nevada and Massachusetts join an ever growing list of states that have chosen to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

Oct 26

Who Is Behind The Spate Of Shootings Targeting Amsterdam Coffeeshop’s?

Vondel, a coffeeshop located on Overtoom, was the latest target in a spate of shootings that have plagued Amsterdam’s coffeeshop community.

Oct 25

Welsh Police Commissioner Calls For Cannabis To Be Legalised

A police commissioner from Wales has called for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, the main reason he cites for this is the proven positive benefits it had when it comes to treating a wide range of medical conditions.

Sep 26

Incompetent FBI Totally Failed To Stop The Rise Of Darknet Markets

In an attempt to wipe drug marketplaces off the deep web the FBI seized the silk road servers and took them offline, if this had been a successful method then all it would have done is force drug dealing back into the real world leading to an increase in drug related deaths and violence.

Sep 23

Politicians And Drug Dealers, The Only Two People Who Want To Keep Drugs Illegal

Its fucked up to think that the laws surrounding cannabis are causing more harm than the actual drug itself. Over the past decades public opinion about cannabis has shifted and there is now more people than ever who are supporting the legalization cause. However in the vast majority of places cannabis remains illegal, you have to think to yourself who could benefit from this?

Dec 15

Yes, You Can Get Fired for Smoking Pot in Colorado

What appeared to be a relatively simple question to answer may now cause a legal ripple effect which Colorado lawmakers are unsure how to deal with. Should employees be allowed to use medical marijuana while on the job?

Dec 14

Canada On The Verge Of Cannabis Legalisation

A study carried out by Forum Research showed that “40 percent of Canadians agree that corporations should be the ones to grow and distribute legal marijuana only through government picked companies.

Nov 25

Five US States That Could Legalise Cannabis in 2016

With the tide of legalisation spreading, could your state be set to legalise cannabis in 2016?

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