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Nov 22

New DEA Chief Calls Medical Marijuana A “Joke”

There was Outrage After New DEA Chief, Chuck Rosenberg Called Medical Marijuana A “Joke”

Nov 21

Houston Decriminalizes Small Amounts Of Cannabis

From the start of 2016, America’s fourth largest city and their respective police force will stop filing any criminal charges against citizens for minor cannabis possession offences.

Oct 19

UN To Call For Global Decriminalization Of Drugs

The UN are soon to call on governments worldwide to decriminalize all drugs and end the failed war on drugs.

Oct 16

UK Government Could Earn £1 Billion+ From Cannabis Legalisation

UK government could earn in excess of £1Billion from cannabis legalisation.

Oct 16

Will The United Kingdom Ever Legalise Cannabis?

With the political parties so close, could cannabis be an important battleground in the next election?

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