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Jan 09

The Shocking History Behind The US Drug War

Firstly I want to take a look at when the war on drugs began, drug use became prevalent in America after the civil war ended, at the time the drug of choice was opium. About 15 years later cocaine became incredibly popular and the coca leaf was also used in items such as health drinks and remedies which were readily available to the public.

Nov 07

Researchers Believe That Cannabis Improves Night Vision

When I was younger my mum used to tell me to eat my greens if I wanted to be able to see in the dark, however these studies suggest that all you really need to do is smoke it!

Oct 23

The Best Things To Do With Your Leftover Cannabis Stems

Learn how to make bubble hash, thc butter and cannabis infused tea from your leftover cannabis stems, if you dont collect your stems you are just throwing away valuable THC.

Jul 08

Pictures Of Flowering Cannabis Week By Week

Pictures of flowering cannabis week by week

Jun 21

Nutrient Guide For Veg Cannabis Plant

Nutrients are an important factor that every grower must consider during both the vegetative and flowering stage, the correct nutrients will allow your plant to fulfill its true growth potential and provide you with the maximum yield possible.

Jan 07

Topping Your Cannabis Plant For An Increased Yield

In the current growing climate every grower seems to be interested in one thing, how to maximize their harvest.

Dec 22

Identifying And Killing Spider Mites

There are multiple reasons why these pests are hated by growers, such as the fact that a single mature female spider mite can produce around a million mites in less than 30 days.

Dec 15

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Oil At Home

Rick Simpson, a Canadian cancer patient who cured his own skin cancer using home made cannabis oil in 1997, brought the cannabis oil debate to the mainstream. He gave hope to cancer patients across the globe and also galvanized support for medicinal marijuana in various countries.

Dec 14

Canada On The Verge Of Cannabis Legalisation

A study carried out by Forum Research showed that “40 percent of Canadians agree that corporations should be the ones to grow and distribute legal marijuana only through government picked companies.

Nov 25

Snoop Dogg Unveils Personal Weed Brand

It was only a matter of time before Snoop Dogg took advantage of the legalisation of his favorite past time, cannabis. He is bringing out his very own range of cannabis products….

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