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Jun 29

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis Week By Week

The Vegetative Stages Of Cannabis The vegetative stage is the main growth period for your cannabis plant, it will reach close to its final height and will bulge out into a more substantial plant. When you begin the vegetative stage after the seedling stage your plant should be about 3-4 nodes high with stems about …

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Apr 15

Which Color Spectrum Is The Best For Your Cannabis Plant?

Its hard to give a definitive answer when it comes to saying which color spectrum is the best for growing cannabis. This is because each differing spectrum gives its own benefits and it comes down to depending on what you are looking for as a grower.

Dec 29

How To Germinate A Cannabis Seed

cannabis seeds germination guide

Are you tired of your seeds not germinating? Read this guide for a 100% foolproof method!

Dec 28

Controlling The Smell During A Cannabis Grow

Every grower should consider how they will go about dealing with the smell of their cannabis plants…

Dec 16

Learning About A Nitrogen Deficiency In Your Cannabis Plant

This is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies found in all cannabis plants, it will start initially in the lower leaves and cause them to turn a pale green color.