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Sep 26

Incompetent FBI Totally Failed To Stop The Rise Of Darknet Markets

In an attempt to wipe drug marketplaces off the deep web the FBI seized the silk road servers and took them offline, if this had been a successful method then all it would have done is force drug dealing back into the real world leading to an increase in drug related deaths and violence.

Jul 03

How To Buy Drugs On The Internet (Deep Web)

Whats the point in having to deal with street level dealers to get your drugs when you can just get them delivered straight to your door by your local postman.

Jan 08

How And Why Do People Become ‘Deep Web’ Drug Dealers?

With all the media attention on the ‘deep web’ following Ross Ulbricht’s (Silk Road) arrest, I started to wonder who are these people who become ‘dark net’ drug dealers?