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Best Places To Smoke Or Buy Weed In Thailand

Best Places To Smoke Or Buy Weed In Thailand

Thailand was the first country I arrived in during my 10 week journey around South-East Asia, it was home to beautiful temples as well as picturesque beaches but also boasted some of the strictest drug laws in the world. The combination of a military dictatorship, corrupt cops and the strict drug laws meant that if I did get caught with any weed then I might not be going home for a while. The internet is full of horror stories of drug dealers and corrupt cops working in tandem in order to extort huge amounts of money from naive tourists, as a result of this I decided to at least wait until I left Bangkok before I tried my luck at getting hold of some. I have seen enough episodes of Banged Up Abroad to know I don’t want to end up in Thai jail just yet.

After we spent a few days exploring Bangkok and resisting the lure of the creepy tuk-tuk drivers trying to sell us weed, we headed north to Chiang-Mai which is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand, it is the capital of Chiang Mai Province. This is a place that is very popular with ex-pats and western tourists and is world renowned for its culinary excellence. I was hoping to get high with the help of  a few western ex-pats and sample the food that Chiang-Mai had to offer. Sadly it wasn’t that easy, people seemed to know where to get weed but they were wary about telling us in case it ended up coming back to bite them in the form of the corrupt Thai police. We opted to visit the local pharmacy instead where we could easily buy Valium, it was better than nothing I suppose…

After 10 days of travelling around the north of Thailand we decided it was time to head down south, to the so called party islands. After 10 days of walking around temples and visiting various cities, the last thing I wanted to do was party, however my friend who I was travelling with had been to the south of Thailand before and said cannabis was plentiful and the laws a lot more relaxed. I couldn’t wait to be smoking a joint on a picture perfect beach and just relaxing for a few weeks.

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Where To Buy Weed In Krabi

We arrived in Krabi after a short flight from Bangkok, Krabi is the southern hub of Thailand and many of the islands are easily accessible from the surrounding area. My friend knew a bar in which the answer to our dreams resided, a Thai rasta man willing to sell us about 9g of weed for about £20. We hired a motorbike and headed to the bar, finally it was time to fully unwind for a few weeks. If anyone wants to know where to buy weed in Krabi then just head to the rasta bar called FUBAR and you will easily be able to get some for a reasonable price. The weed is not as good as western weed but its different, i’m not sure if the three week t-break just decimated my tolerance but I really liked the weed. It gave a nice clean high and you knew it was 100% natural, also provided fits of giggles and instantaneous sleep as soon as you got in bed. Many people will also offer you hash but as opium is so cheap over there you never know what you could be buying, if you want to read more about hash then click here.

Where To Buy Weed In Ao Nang

We ended up spending the next two weeks in Ao Nang and Krabi, I didn’t even end up going to the islands as the mainland was so good. Hotel prices were even cheaper than normal due to it being the rainy season so we needed up staying in a 5 star hotel where we took advantage of the Souths lax stance on drugs and ended up just smoking weed in the room, no one from the hotel even complained. You could even light up in the restaurants and the owners would not bat an eyelid, mind you a few old tourists might give you a dodgy look or two. The reggae bar just off the beach front in Ao Nang will sell you weed for a reasonable price and every restaurant and bar in the surrounding area was fine with us lighting up while we were there. There is a bar called Hippies where you can buy weed, there is also another place just off the main strip, think it was called coconut something…. basically most of the bars will sell you weed.


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Where To Buy Weed In Koh Lanta

It is only 90km down the road from Krabi however there is a totally different attitude to cannabis here. Everyone is a lot more paranoid about the police and this is reflected in the price. Koh Lanta is one long road so if you are looking for cannabis just travel down the road until you reach a place called the night plaza, there is a reggae bar next door which sells weed.

Thailand is a beautiful country to visit and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a trip there, if you are a pothead then I would definitely advise you to head down south if you don’t want any hassle while you are sourcing or smoking weed. However that is not to say don’t visit the North as places like Chang-Rai and Bangkok are home to many of Thailand’s spectacular Bhuddist temples.

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